This week in the P7LS…

This has been a great first full week back at school (Lachlan). I really like the way everything is set out, it makes it look like a P7 classroom (Ethan).

This week in Maths we have been learning to partition numbers up to hundreds of millions and identify the value of our digits. We have been using textbooks, show me boards, place value boards and games on education city to help us with our learning.  I think I have succeeded because we have been marking with partners and working out answers together when we’ve made mistakes (Cerys, Nieve). I was successful because I was able to identify the value of all the digits (Ethan). I was successful because I was able to read the numbers and there was more than one way to find the answer (Sean).

In IDL we have been using SHANARRI as our context for learning.  We have designed our class charter and come up with our rights and responsibilities (Nieve, Cerys). We have learned what all the letters stand for in SHANARRI. For active, we have been tracking our daily miles scores so we cant try to improve. We have been looking at growth mindset for healthy minds. We have been discussing the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. I think we were successful at coming up with a class charter as everyone worked together to design and create it (Maria). I was successful because I know the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset (Ethan).

We have been reading A Diary of a Brilliant Kid a our class novel. We have been using this to help us with our literacy. We were learning to write a newspaper article. We had to imagine we were a 71 local hero and write about what we were famous for.  I think I was successful because I had bold headings and subheadings (Logan).  I was successful at drawing an accurate picture that represented what I had written in the article (Ewan T).  I was successful at including interesting fact in my article (Aila). We were also learning to write a personal piece of writing. We had to imagine 20 years from now and what our lives would be like in two different scenarios.  One where we did not pay attention at school and the other where we tried really hard. I was successful at writing because I wrote in first person (Logan). I think I was successful because in my writing I had thoughts and feelings (Seren).

Thank you for reading our blog. Keep coming back every week, stay tuned for more (Nathan, Halle)!

From P7 and Miss Stewart