This week in P.4/5FM

We have had a busy week this week and have seen lots of different teachers. Miss Elizabeth taught us on Monday and Tuesday.

We did some maths on Monday. We counted in 10s and 3s and started a times table booklet (Ben).

We decided on a theme for our library and we wanted to make it a jungle area for our class mascot Clive. We designed some pictures of Clive and stuck them on the wall (Lucas).  We also spent some time designing trees, water, bushes and vines which we stuck to the wall (Jamie). We went to the library to pick a book to read (Anabia). My book is called White Crow (Tyler). Mine is called The Secret World of Fairies (Rebekah).

We also made names for our trays and mine is a colourful strip of neon (Mac).

We made a class charter this week which shows our rights and responsibilities. We voted on a space theme and designed planets, meteors and rockets (Eilidh H).

We made stories about super heroes. Mine was about Aquaman and he could talk under water (Murray). Mine was called Devil Girl and she got run over by a train (Grace).

We are listening to a story called The Witches for our class novel. It tells how to spot a witch because they would be wearing a wig and gloves (Jamie).  My favourite part was when the grandmother was telling the little boy stories about witches (Tyler).

Mr Mathis taught us a game called 10 to 1. You need a deck of cards and two dice. When you roll the dice you have to add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers and turn over one of the cards (Michael).

What a busy week! We hope you have a great weekend!