Our First Few days in P5/6 TG

Welcome back for the new school year. Primary 5/6 are looking forward to sharing our learning with you.

This week has been a short week but we’ve managed to pack in quite a few activities.

In Art we used our iPads to take a portrait photograph. We worked in trio’s and edited the photos. We cropped them and changed them to black and white. We learned to airdrop the photo’s to Ms Grossert’s iPad so they could be printed.

We spent some time learning about values this week. We thought about what a value is, we worked hard to remember the school values which are:







To find out more about values we researched what other organisation values were.

It was interesting to see how many different values companies have – Callum

Finally we chose values that we thought were important and added them to our self-portraits.


To create our class library we revised our knowledge of genre by piecing together jigsaw pieces. We then voted to choose which genre’s we wanted in our class library. In trio’s we went to the library and selected texts matching each genre to bring back to class.

Finding the matching parts was tricky, we had to communicate with lots of people until we found the pieces that matched. – Sophie

In the Library it was too hard to find autobiographies so we compromised and looked for Biographies which was easier. – Eray

We read the book I Really Want to Win.

It was about a girl who really wanted to win and had to be resilient to find something she could win. – Megan

I learned it’s ok to lose, you can just keep on trying – Jodie

I learned to be a lot more resilient and never give up if something is hard. – Callum

We started learning about the emotion works cogs and exploring what each cog represents – we still have more to learn about these.

Next week we’ll be continuing our work in Health and Wellbeing and exploring more in Literacy and Numeracy.