This week in P3/4LS…

This week we finally met our new teacher!

On Wednesday the whole school went to meet their new teachers. Unfortunately our class are splitting up, 5 people are going to a new Miss Smith and the rest of the class are going to Miss Mitchell. Miss Mitchell’s class were making a poster about what we can’t imagine life without (Anabia, Eilidh). I said family, friends and chocolate (Eilidh H). I said being unique, family, friends and watermelons (Anabia). I am excited to have Miss Mitchell as a teacher (Eilidh H). Miss Smith’s class were playing lots of getting to know you games (Anika). My teacher very nice and I’m looking forward to having her as my teacher (Anika).

For our ‘My Community’ topic we finished our posters and put a tweet out to persuade people to come to our community litter pick. We also went round the classes to ask people to help. Please come and help on Monday 24th June at 3:15pm- 4:15pm (P3/4LS).

We have finished our Butterfly power points and movies. We we shared our learning with Polly and P1NM. We have had the best time learning with the Munching Caterpillars project.


P3/4LS and Miss Stewart