This week in P4/5EG

We have had a good week (Keira).


We have started looking at equations this week (Emma). We learned how to answer sums that included letters instead of numbers. We answered questions to cement our learning. We chose between mild, hot and spicy options (Hassan).  We also learned that if a number has a floating 2 after it, you need to square the number, which means multiply it by itself (Hassan).

Some pupils have worked with Miss Snaddon to take away tens and units (Jodie).

We have been practicing our 7 times table this week and are growing in confidence with it (Caleb).


For writing this week, we wrote an imaginative story about either an earthquake or a tsunami (Erin). We included feelings and senses in our story (Alexandra). In the beginning of our stories, we focused on giving information about the characters appearance and where they live (Danny).

We wrote a  newspaper article about our class novel (Kelsi). We wrote a dramatic story detailing events from a terrible car crash that happened in the story (Ruvimbo). We took on the role of detectives and wrote about how we think the crash happened.


We have been learning how to live in a more sustainable way this week. We watched a video which taught us about current renewable energy sources in the world (Haris). Eray remembers that one current idea is to place solar panels on the moon as the moon can receive more sunlight, this energy could then be beamed down to Earth. However, scientists are still working hard to improve this idea.  We then designed our own renewable energy sources that would help the planet (Megan). We are going to build models of our ideas on Monday.

We learned all about the 3 R’s – they are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (Hassan). We learned all about the impact waste has on the environment and how to reduce this. We looked at animations of the  earth which show how it is being damaged and discussed this. We then designed our own Earths, the pictures show how the earth is being damaged by humans (Ruvimbo).

In P.E we have been working on striking and fielding (Keira).

Lots of people from the class has a great time at the school disco, thank you to everyone that organised it!

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.