This week in P2AG


In Numeracy, we have been learning to estimate and measure the volume and capacity of an item (Harry T). We know to measure the volume of an item we can use a “measuring jug” (Abbaigh). To record the volume of an item we can us either “litres” or “millilitres” (Ruva). We also know that there are 1000ml in 1 litre (Noah).

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL)

This week we have been learning how to look after our body. We know that we must “keep ourselves clean” (Lily) have “a balanced diet” (Harry N), and have “lots of rest/sleep” (Adam). We also learned:

  • “A balanced diet should not have too much high fat foods; like cakes and ice cream. It’s ok to eat these as a treat” (Abbaigh).
  • “To keep myself clean, I was my hands after going to the toilet and I make sure to brush my teeth in the morning and at night” (Beth).


Writing – In writing this week, we have continued to refine our personal writing during our news writing lesson. We also learned to up skill our imaginative writing by re-drafting our recent imaginative piece. We included more interesting vocabulary to make it more interesting for our reader.

Phonics – In phonics this week we have worked hard to develop our spelling skills. We have been using our phonics knowledge to spell new and unfamiliar words.

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.