This week in P1NM

This has been our last full week of Primary 1, and we have been busy!

In Literacy, we have been revising some of the Special Friends sounds that we learned earlier in the term.  We used these sounds to read and spell words.
– “th…i…s … this” (Kyle)
– “j…ar … jar … a jar of jam” (Vincent)
– “t…er…m … term … it’s our last term in P1” (Andrew)
– “sh…ou…t … shout” (Megan)
– “f…or…m … form” (Josh)
– “b…oy … boy … point to a boy” (Kian)

We wrote our final set of instructions.  This week, we had to write about ‘How to Draw a House’, making sure that the instructions were in the correct order.
– “First draw a square.” (Alesha)
– “Next draw a triangle for the roof.” (Megan)
– “Then draw a door and windows.” (Erin)
– “Finally draw a chimney.” (Amber)

In Numeracy, we were measuring the length or height of objects, but we didn’t use a ruler.  We used hand-spans, pens and even our gym shoes to measure in non-standard units.  Once we had measured each object in the class, we had to compare them to work out which was the shortest/tallest or the shortest/longest.
– “Mrs Muir’s desk is taller than the homework box.” (Jack)
– “The chair is shorter than the whiteboard.” (Amelia)
– “The table is longer than the red tray.” (Fraser)

In Health and Wellbeing, we were learning more ways to keep ourselves safe.  We learned that there are safe and unsafe substances in our homes.  We learned that children should not touch unsafe substances.
– “Only adults can use bleach to clean the house.” (Zac)
– “Children shouldn’t use matches.” (Josh)

We also learned that medicines should be kept out of the reach of children.  We should never take medicines by ourselves and our adults need to make sure that they give us the right amount.  We completed a ‘Medicine or Not Medicine?’ activity, to make sure that we all know the difference.
– “This bottle is medicine because there’s a picture of a sore throat and chest.” (Kyle)
“A lot of the children thought that the packet of throat lozenges was actually sweeties.” (Mrs Muir)

We will be bringing home some of our P1 next week – we can’t wait to show you what we have learned!