This week in P1HD

In Numeracy, we have been learning to measure and compare lengths. We have been using non-standard units to do this, for example pens and gym shoes. We have also been consolidating our work on subtraction within 10.

“We’ve been trying to measure the board with gym shoes and also the teacher’s desk.” – Malcolm

“We have been learning to measure our chair with gym shoes and a table.” – Zayna

“The tallest object in our class was the whiteboard and the shortest thing was the iPad cabinet.” – Harvey

In Literacy, we have been revising the sounds ch, air, j and fr. We realised that ‘ch’ and ‘air’ together made ‘chair’. We wrote a set of instructions titled How to draw a house.

“In my set of instructions, first you had to draw a square, then a triangle for the room.” – Jacob

“Frog starts with ‘fr’.” – Claire

“I read a book called Up and Down and the butterfly went up and down and it flew away.” – Malcolm

For Health and Wellbeing, we continued to identify ways to stay safe. We looked at objects that are safe/ unsafe to touch and learned about staying safe around harmful substances (medicine). 

“You can’t touch electric wires.” – Noah

“You’re allowed to touch a cushion. You can’t touch a knife .” – Kai

“An adult gives you medicine but you’re not allowed to touch it without an adult telling you to. ” – William