Our week in P4FM

June has been a really busy month for us.

In Numeracy, we have been learning to compare weights.  We learned that there are 1000g in 1kg have been converting  between different units of measure.  We have also been practising our algorithms! We’ve used our skills in addition and multiplication to solve word problems for the past 2 weeks ( We are loving it! – Colton) and have still to do subtraction and division.

In Literacy and IDL, we have been learning about non-fiction texts and leaflets in particular. We are creating a tourist leaflet persuading people to visit and stay in Clackmannanshire as part of our community topic. First, we used i-pads to research information about leisure facilities  and where people would perhaps like to visit in our County (Katherine). Our audience is families, so we had to think of activities and places where both adults and children would enjoy visiting (Callum, Thomas). In trios, we had to choose 3 activities for adults and 3 for children so we had a mixture (Kaleb, Kelsey). Once we had used the 5 Ws to investigate all the information readers would need, we looked at some real tourist leaflets to identify the common features of each and to give us some ideas for when we make our own (Lexi, Maja). It was amazing to see how much information can be put into a small leaflet!( Katherine)

Our next step was to turn the information we’d researched from bullet-pointed facts into persuasive sentences. In pairs, we highlighted examples of persuasive words and phrases in tourist brochures, which we used to help us write our own sentences about our places. It made our job quite easy when it came to writing them (Colton). We are now ready to start our actual leaflets and are considering layout. There’s a lot to think about when making a leaflet! (Aimee)

In PE, we have been focusing on rolling, catching and on teamwork and sportsmanship in games (Marilena).

We made posters this week to advertise our community litter-pick which takes place on Monday, 24th June from 3.15 to 4.15pm. All families are welcome and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Hope the weekend is good!