This week in P3/4LS

This week we’ve had lots of fun designing things.

For Maths on Monday we went out to the garden area to sample how many minibeats we could find in the planter. We recorded our information in a tally chart, then the next day we put our information together in charts. We were learning to use the iPads to display information. We made bar charts, pie charts and line graphs. The best way to display the information was with the pie chart or the bar graph because it was the clearest thing to look at (Anika). I found it hard to get the bar chart on to the iPad. This is the second time I have ever done this but I am getting better (Nate).

We have continued to create our Butterfly powerpoints for the P1s. We have added more information and pictures. We are almost done. I think we have one funny slide and I am looking forward to sharing this with P1 (Anika). I have found it a bit challenging getting the pictures from the internet on to the powerpoint (Ben).

On Monday in P.E. we were learning to consolidate our learning with P1s. We had different stations to go round like, throwing and catching and balancing. I enjoyed throwing and catching the hoop (Anabia). I enjoyed throwing up the fabric and trying to clap in between because I thought it was cool how it floated up (Tyler).

We are looking forward to meeting our new teacher next week.

From P3/4 and Miss Stewart