This week in P1NM

It is nearly coming to the end of Primary 1, so we are enjoying our last few weeks in this class.

In Maths we have been learning about  capacity.  We compared different containers to find out which ones held more or less than the others.
– “The bath holds more water than the cup.” (Vincent)
– “The yoghurt pot holds less than the kettle.” (Megan)

We also learned to compare the area of shapes.  We had to work out which shapes had a larger or smaller area than the others.  We measured the area of shapes, using cubes and then worked out which shape had the largest area of them all.
– “This shape has a larger area because 16 cubes is more than 8 cubes.” (Josh)
– “The 1st shape has a smaller area because it holds 10 cubes and the 2nd shape holds 12.” (Antos)

In Literacy we were revising the sounds ‘sh’, ‘ee’, ‘ch’ and ‘oo’.  We used First, Next, Then and Finally to write sequenced instructions about How to Cross the Road.
– “First find a safe place to cross.” (Josh)
– “Next wait on the pavement.” (Isla)
– “Then look and listen.” (Layla)
– “Finally cross the road and look and listen while you cross.” (Erin)

For Health and Wellbeing we were being good role models when working with children from the Nursery.  We each completed 5 different activities, with different adults and children from each P1 class and the Nursery.
– “I liked making penguins because you were allowed to colour any colour you want.” (Amber)
– “I liked making rockets because we made them all together.” (Leighton)
– “I liked sorting out feelings because I helped the Nursery kids to cut out.” (Isla)
– “I liked building towers because .you could make it into anything you want.” (Kian)
– “I liked sorting things that go up or down because it was a lot of fun.” (Kyle)