Last week in P.5AB

Numeracy / Maths

We were learning about the names of shapes like circle, triangle, rhombus, kite etc. which are 2D shapes (John). Yesterday we looked at the properties of 2D shapes. We had to name the shapes and say how many edges and angles they had (Lewis H). We also learned about angle names this week. We learned that angles are right, straight, acute or obtuse (Scott M).  The smallest type of angle is acute and the biggest angle was a straight angle and this angle is 180 degrees (Jorja).


We have been continuing our Pirate story. We created an illustration of a treasure chest (Grace). We have been watching short video clips of Castaway to inspire us in our writing (Lauren). We were writing our chapter 3 which was called ‘The Island’ and it finished with the pirate finding X marks the Spot. Next week is our last chapter (Lewis H).


Instead of doing Ydance in the dinner hall, we did it in the classroom (Sophie). Mrs Smith wasn’t here this week so we practised in the classroom (Scott S). We practised our pirate dance to get better at the timings (Aleena). As we were in the classroom we only did the body percussion part of the dance (Grace). We had to count in beats of 8 and 16 in time to the music (Jorja).


We have been learning about the risks involved when alcohol in drunk or cigarettes are smoked. We watched two stories about Liam and Sophie and the choices they made (Jorja). We did some research and started to create a Spark Video about the facts we found out (Rebecca). We had to add pictures, text and record something onto the Spark Video (Ava).



Scott S and Sophie got their new belts at Judo. Scott is now a red belt and Sophie is a yellow belt. Several people also achieved their marathons this week. We have been creative on the daily mile this week and if you were passing, you may have seen us doing different moves on the daily mile circuit. Josh has been at the skate park and has learned how to go down the half pipe on his scooter. Adam is practising going down ramps on his skateboard.