This week in P2AG….

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL)

This week we have been using our farm IDL context to develop our art skills. We were learning to create a piece of artwork based on our farmland surroundings. We looked at how the land was used in our local area. We then used water coloured paints to how to show roads, rivers, and fields would look from the sky.

In addition to this, we were learning to make a model “mother hen” (Lily). During the lessons, we developed our cutting skills and were able to use wool to weave together parts of the model together. To be successful “we had to be resilient and keep trying even when it was tricky” (Nadia).


Writing -In writing this week, we were learning to write a story setting (Jaiden). We planned our story setting through an illustration and discussion with our talk partners (Craig). We then described what we could hear, smell and see and feel in our scene (Noah).

Phonics – This week we have been learning to identify and use the ‘cious and tious’ sound (Aleisha). We know the following words have the cious or tious sound:

  • “celebration” (Harry T)
  • “conversation” (Reggie)
  • “precious” (Ruva)


In numeracy, we continued to apply our mental maths strategies in new contexts. We consolidated our knowledge of the strategies taught in class through a variety of game-based activities. Our main focus this week was telling the time (both on a digital and analogue clock), and identifying 2D and 3D shapes.

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.