This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quiet week and have been working very hard (Brandyn).


We have been learning the 6 times table (Keira). We have been practicing it every day with Miss Gordon and a partner. Megan was finding this tricky on Monday, but is finding it easier now, she can now remember 6×6 easily!

We have continued our work on weight this week (Haris). We were learning all about estimation (Emma). We found two items in the classroom we estimated were the same weight (Megan). Then we used balance scales to check our estimations (Erin). We recorded our findings on a whiteboard (Sophie).


We wrote an imaginative story this week (Keira). Our story was about a character finding a secret passage way that took you somewhere else (Megan). Firstly, we discussed what would happen in our story with our shoulder partner (Sophie). Before we began to write what happens in our story, we had to describe the setting in detail (Hassan).

We also wrote a newspaper article this week (Haris). Our newspaper article was describing the events that happened in two exciting chapters of our class novel (Caleb). We had to include a name for our newspaper and a dramatic and eye catching headline (Keira and Emma).

We finished our class novel this week, Jaxon thought it was amazing. Kelsi thought our novel was sad and funny. We are looking forward to starting a new one.

Miss Gordon was very impressed with our setting descriptions we created during reading stations, they were very detailed.


This week we have been looking at food and sustainability. We created a food map which shows all of the places we eat and get food (Keira). However, nobody include the places their food actually comes from (Emma). We watched a video which taught us about where some foods come from and food miles (Jaxon). Jaxon remembers that food miles are how far the food has travelled to get to you.

We have also been learning how to conduct a fair experiment (Jaxon). We were investigating dissolving, by dissolving sugar. We also tested how many spoonful’s of sugar it took to make a cup of water insoluble (Hassan). Emma thought doing experiments were fun.

We have also been focusing on the 6 steps to wash our hands effectively (Emma). We are very good at it now!

P4/5 and Miss Gordon.