This week in P3/4LS…

We haven’t had a full class all week some people have caught the ‘bug’!

In PE we had visitors in our lesson. We shared our lesson with P1NM. We were learning to develop our catching and throwing skills. I enjoyed doing PE with P1NM because it was lots of fun working together (Nate). I enjoyed it because it was nice to change it and do PE with another class (Jamie).

This week we have been preparing for our final visit from Polly from Butterfly conservation Scotland. We have gone out to our garden to take out weeds that were strangling our plants (Nate, Jamie). When we were out there we found out very first CATERPILLAR!!!We think this is a Angle Shade Moth (Murray). I thought it was interesting and we are really proud we found our first caterpillar (Jamie).







We are also preparing to share our learning with P1NM. We use our digital literacy and poster making skills to display our learning from the Munching Caterpillar workshops. I think it will be exciting to share our learning as I think they will be interested in what we have learned (Jamie).

This week in IDL we looked at the art around Alloa and Andy Scott (famous for making the Kelpies) (Anika). We were learning to critique our work (Eilidh H). We used tinfoil to make a personal sculpture.  It was challenging to get the tinfoil to stick together because we were not allowed to use glue (Anika). I started this but I didn’t manage to make it look like my design. I didn’t give up though and I have tried to make this again at home and I’m almost finished (Eilidh H). Lot’s of us wanted to give up but we tried hard not to (Anika, Eilidh H).


This week in writing we were learning to write a imaginative story with a beginning, middle and an end. To be successful we needed to use our imagination, we had to use descriptive features and language and we had to have a clear beginning, middle and end. I think I was successful using my imagination but I need to work on using more descriptive language in my middle and end. I did have a lot of adjectives (Eilidh H). I think I was successful because I had a beginning, middle and end and I used a simile (Anika).

We hope everyone feels better for next week!

From P3/4 and Miss Stewart