This week in P1NM

In Literacy, we learned the final 2 new sounds of Primary 1 – ‘ou’ and ‘oy’.
‘ou … ou … ou … ouch!’ (Antos)
‘sh…ou..t…shout’ (Erin)
‘oy … oy  … oy … boy’ (Kyle)
‘t…oy…toy’ (Amelia)

We wrote instructions for How to Wash Your Hands, which has been very important in our school lately.
‘First get soap on your hands.’ (Kian)
‘Next scrub your hands with soap.’ (Jack)
‘Then rinse your hands.’ (Fraser)
‘Finally dry your hands on a towel.'(Andrew)

In Numeracy, we learned about splitting an object into 2 halves.
‘If you half an apple, you get 2 bits.’ (Maison)
‘The 2 bits are both the same.’ (Isla)

We also learned how to split a group of objects in half.
‘You go one to me, one to you until they are all done.’ (Amber)
‘Half of 10 is 5, because double 5 makes 10.’ (Braxton)

In Health and Wellbeing, we have been learning about safe places and adults who can help to keep us safe.
‘I feel safe when I am at school.’ (Layla)
‘Dad and mum keep me safe.’ (Leighton)
‘I trust a doctor to keep me safe.’ (Vincent)
‘A policeman is a ‘safe stranger’ who can keep me safe.’ (Zac)