This Week in P6CCLJ

In writing we have been writing a persuasive letter to apply to be a Big Buddy. Persuasive words and phrases we have used include ‘as you can see…’ ‘this is why…’, also, because and ‘in addition’.

It is Democracy Fortnight. We are all designing posters and writing speeches to apply for Leadership Roles next year. We also began researching the Scottish Parliament.

In Maths we have been tiling with 2D shapes. We need to make sure there are no gaps or overlapping. For area we have been calculating the area of compound shapes.

In P.E. we have been doing high jump, shot put and javelin. You must not run out when anyone is throwing.

In HWB we have been learning to name emotions, the body sensation and related behaviour.

By Corey, Bronik, Leah and Stuart.