This week in P3/4LS…

This week was another short week, however we have been working extremely hard.

This week in Maths we have moved on to data handling and we have been learning to sort and organise data. We have been using information and asking the class different surveys like our favourite genres or our favourite colours. We then used this information to create bar graphs (Anika, Amy, Eilidh). I found it tricky to get the scale correct (Anika). I found it tricky making sure the boxes were all the same size (Eilidh). I found it challenging to make sure I had it fully labelled (Amy).

This week in Shake it Up we moved on to a different topic, My Community. We were learning how to support others during our movements because it is important to trust and support each other in a community. I found it challenging to hold on to each other because my hands were sweaty. I think I was successful because I was able to keep a good grip of my partners hand and got on to extra challenges.


For topic this week we have been linking our health and wellbeing to our My Community topic. We have made ‘Me on a Map’ circles that shows the world around us. I found it hard to remember the difference between county, country and continent (Michael). I found it tricky to remember things in our country (Anabia).



For the first week of Democracy Fortnight, we have been thinking about what group we are going to campaign for. We have been learning to identify our skills and qualities. One of my skills and qualities is that I have a good imagination which means I’m good at writing imaginative stories (Michael). I am helpful because I like to pick up litter in the playground to keep our school clean and to help earn our ECO flag (Anabia).

Next week we are excited to start campaigning…


P3/4 and Miss Stewart