This week in P1NM

We have had another busy week in P1NM!

In Numeracy, we have been practising our subtraction skills.  We have been using counters to take away from a set of objects and are ready to learn next week how to use a number line.  We have been noticing the link between addition and subtraction and have been trying to use this to remember some facts off by heart.
– “2+2=4, so 4-2=2” (Fraser)
– “5+5=10 so that helps me know that 10-5=5.” (Braxton)

We have also been learning the months of the year.  We like the ‘Mother Hen’ song that helped us to learn the correct order and are now much better at remembering this.

In Literacy, we have learned the sounds ‘er’ and ‘ir’.
– “The ‘er’ sound is in my name!” (Fraser, Erin and Amber)
– “s … ir … sir … yes sir (with a salute!)” (Josh)

We wrote stories called ‘The Birthday Party’, which had to include a Who, Where, What and How.
– “Dad had a party in the house.  I was full up because I had eaten cake.” (Zarish)
– “I had a party in my nana’s house.  We sat down and had a caterpillar cake with smarties on top.” (Andrew)
– “I had a party in Sauchie.  I was excited because I won a Rubik’s Cube at Pass the Parcel.” (Amelia)

In IDL, we finished our Under the Sea project by talking about plastic pollution and its effect on sea life.  We each made a pledge to try to get our families to make a change to the way we use plastic.
– “I would like my family to stop using plastic straws.” (Zac)
– “Don’t use plastic straws.” (Kian)
– “Stop putting cotton buds down the toilet.” (Jack)

As part of Democracy Fortnight, we learned that everyone has the right to have a say in a democracy.  We also learned that it hasn’t always been like that in Britain.
– “It’s not fair that females never used to get to vote.” (Isla)

We had the chance to vote for which book we were going to read and then found out that we had to respect the result, even if it was not what we personally had voted for.
– “It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants … choose what you want.” (Kyle)