Our week in P4FM

Although we had a shorter week this week, we still managed to get through a lot! In Maths, we’ve looked at angles, turns and compass points. I like how it all links into time and fractions (Thomas, Marilena). We went outside for a right angle hunt…but we weren’t scared! (Murray). We had angle eaters and found loads of right angles that we never knew were there before (John William). Others were looking for all angle types: acute; obtuse and reflex if we could. It was great fun being outdoors (Callum, Colton).

In literacy, we were sad to have to finish our Harry potter novel because we have loved it so much (Amelia, Lilli, Marilena, Maja). We are making a fancy book review mobile from a coat hanger (Layla). We worked in cooperative groups to complete writing and illustrations about characters, plot and setting. It’s going to look amazing when it’s done (Erin, Katherine). We had great fun doing all the tasks and have some fantastic examples of writing and drawing.

In Y-dance this week, we continued with our counterbalance moves and even put all 4 moves together into a dance (Lexi, Maja). In Kodaly music, we’re stating to learn about musical notes as well as the beat and rhythm. It is hard to concentrate on the movements and sing the song at the same time, but it is fun and we are getting better every week (Katherine, Lilli).

In PE, we’ve been practising our athletic skills in throwing and junping (Marilena, Callum). We had to complete different stations like – high jump, long jump, javelin to increase our heart rate (Thomas, Liam). It’s been a busy week! Have a good weekend from P4FM!