This Week in P7RS…

Although it is a short week for us, it hasn’t stopped us working hard and learning lots!

French: In French we have been learning different hobbies such as football, volleyball etc. Once we have practised them, we played French bingo where people had to name hobbies in French. We can improve on our learning by practising more and trying hard to remember trickier hobbies. Connor, Alan, Casey and Aria

WW2 – Scientists Lap Books: We have been learning about 3 different scientists – Alan Turing, Caroline Haslett and Barnes Wallis. For our activity we created Lap Books to show what we had learned about the 3 scientists. In making this we learned about the 3 scientists contributions to the Allies war efforts – Alan Turing made a machine that could crack the Enigma code which was a code the Axis countries used, Barnes Wallis created the bouncing bomb which destroyed 2 dams in Ruhr Valley and Caroline Haslett opened up the world of science and engineering to women. Ronin, Breagh, Miles and Marek

Maths: We have been learning to use BODMAS. B = breckets, O = orders, D = division, M = multiplication, A = addition and S = subtraction. We did an activity that was on the board and we had to figure out which sum was correct. 2 were wrong and 1 was correct so we had to use BODMAS to figure out which was the right answer. Our next steps are to practise BODMAS more and do harder examples. Izzy, Megan, Rhigan and Sienna

Poetry Machine: We have been learning to write a poem using a set of rules. We have been using a set of rules. We have been writing to write emotional poems – depressed or joyful. We have been learning how to include strong similes that fits with the theme of the poem – depressed or joyful.  We have used pictures to help create a poem – a solider or evacuee. Next time we are going to try and create mild, hot, spicy or extreme poetry machines to try and challenge us. Skye, Lila, Lennox and Callum

WW2 – Dunkirk and Pearl Harbour: We have been learning about what happened during 2 of the biggest events of WW2. These include Dunkirk and Pearl Harbour. We also learned which countries were involved in these events. Pearl Harbour lasted for 2 hours and involved America and Japan. Dunkirk lasted 16th May – 4th June 1940 and involved Britain, France and Germany. The activities we have done include researching what happened during these events and creating a poster or PowerPoint. Our next steps are to complete our posters or PowerPoints and to share our learning with others. Stephanie, Ray, Josh and Rebecca