This week in P4/5EG

We have had a quick first week back!


In writing this week, we wrote an imaginative story entitled ‘The Bookcase’ (Keira). Our stories were about discovering a magical land at the other side of a bookcase (Sophie). Our stories had to include a beginning, middle and end (Ruvimbo).

During reading rotations this week, we had a 2 new stations. At one station we were learning about past tense words through playing a board game (Jaxon). At the second station, we had a variety of writing prompt cards that we used to help us write a short stories (Emma).


This week we learned a new skill, how to divide numbers using a written method (Erin). Kelsi found this strategy easier than dividing mentally. Danny found this strategy difficult to begin with but he was resilient and got the hang of it.

We have been looking at symmetry (Haris). We were counting lines of symmetry on a variety of symmetrical shapes.  We cut out our own shapes and folded them to show the lines of symmetry (Sophie).


Rory came in for his final session on Wednesday, P3LH came to our classroom to watch the showcase of our final performance (Kelsi and Brooke). We also went to watch P5AB’s final performance.  Sophie thought their performance was amazing.

We investigated water pollution (Kacyleigh). Caleb knows that water pollution kills a lot of fish. Oil spills can kill the animals in the sea and damage beaches (Alexandra). Ruvimbo remembers learning about a very dangerous oil spill in Hungary in 2010, lots of animals, including birds were hurt. We worked in a team and invented our own under water litter picker to stop water pollution, to showcase this, we created a poster (Brooke and Emma).

We also learned about the importance of water and how to treat it correctly and not waste it (Kelsi).

On Wednesday we worked with a music teacher, she taught us rhymes and how to keep in time to a rhythm (Megan).

We hope you have a lovely Easter weekend,

P4/5EG and Miss Gordon.