This Week in P.5AB

We have returned back from the holidays and have packed a lot in the last 4 days.


We did some literacy rotations which included spelling, reading a chill book and worked with Miss Belford in our reading groups (Airingas). In writing we finished off our stories about ‘The Day a Toy Came to Life’ (Lily).  Mine was about a Rubik’s Cube that came to life and it ate lots of chocolate (Michael). Leah and Zoe worked together on their story this week. It was about a favourite doll that came alive (Zoe).


We also did some numeracy rotations this week (Lauren). We were working on the 8 x table and worked on mental calculations first (Jorja). We used some digital devices on 2 of the rotations. We played ‘Hit The Button’ on the ipads and speed times tables on the Netbooks (Grace and Aleena). One of the rotations was a timed sheet of 8 x table sums and I almost completed it by the last day (Michael). On Monday we created our own pairs game and played this on one of the rotations (Kaiden).


We had music with Miss Nunn this week and we sang some rhymes. One of them went like this…

Coca-Cola went to town

Pepsi Cola shot him down

Dr Pepper fixed him up

Turned him into 7Up. (Scott S)

We learned about keeping to the beat of the music and tapped, clapped and clicked to the beat of a song (Grace).

We finished off our work with Rory this week. We created pictures using the colours that we picked and linked them to an electric circuit so that when we touched the circuit, our videos were played (Leon).


Jorja was busy skiing in the holidays and has already achieved her level 3 skiing certificate. Grace has been building on her art skills and is learning how to add shading to her drawings. Karis spent the second week of the holidays performing in ‘A Cabaret’ with Spotlight theatre company. She was part of the chorus and is hoping for a bigger part in the future. Airingas has learned how to play ali-a on the piano.

We are some very talented individuals in P.5AB! We are looking forward to the Easter weekend and will be back on Tuesday next week.