This week in P2AG….

Welcome to our final blog of Term 3!


This week in literacy:

We have continued to develop our ability to write a personal account (Oscar) during our news writing sessions. This week we focused on using wow words to describe how we felt for example we said we felt “fantastic” (Ruva) and “amazing” (Abbaigh) instead of good or happy.

We have also been learning to write an imaginative story about a rabbit with magical powers (Millie). To set the scene Miss Gillon told us that a magical bunny had arrived on our doorstep (Krivi).  Our stories were all very different, some examples include:

  • Noah’s rabbit had had super strength and could dig huge tunnels for all the other rabbit to get through.
  • Tia’s rabbit was the Easter Bunnies baby and it’s super power was delivering Easter eggs quickly.
  • Callum’s rabbit was super cute and its magical power was to keep everyone happy.

In handwriting, we were learning to form letters in the right positions (Tia) and start them in the correct places. We made sure our g’s and y’s were hanging below the line (Reggie). We also self and peer assessed our work against the targets.


We have been revising previously taught numeracy concepts this week, for example:

– We were developing our knowledge of using concrete materials to complete subtraction sums up to the value of 20 (Abbaigh).

– We were developing our knowledge of subtraction thorough problem solving questions. Reggie said this really challenged him.

– We were developing out ability to add two and three numbers together up to the value of 20 (Tia).

– We were also developing our confidence in completing missing number sums (up to the value of 20) (Noah).

Thank you for reading our blog, we hope you have a wonderful Easter Holiday!

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.