This week in P.6JDW


In P.E we have been learning lots of different exercises to do with fitness.  We completed burpees, sit ups, mountain climbers and star jumps.  I found it tiring but I enjoyed it.   (Josh)

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to partition decimal numbers up to 3 decimal places.  We learned that the decimal columns are called tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We used a place value chart to help us.  We also learned how to order decimal fractions.  We enjoyed learning about decimal fractions.  We can order decimal fractions from smallest to largest and from largest to smallest.   (Logan, Ethan, Kobey, Seren and Sean)

In Writing, we have been learning how to write instructions.  We learned how to structure our work and include the correct features, for example: heading, sub-headings, steps in order, steps numbered and equipment needed.   We have created instructions on how to safely check your bike and how to safely ride your bike.   (Summer)

In Literacy, we learned how to create a story hand.  We illustrated a summary of chapter 10 from our class novel – Stormbreaker and then we retold the story using our story hands.  (Summer)

In Health and Wellbeing, we learned the dangers of smoking.

Alex – “Smoking increases the chance of getting cancer.”

Nathan – “Cigarettes are filled with poisonous substances.”

Georgia – “There’s over 4000 chemicals in one cigarette.”

Ethan – “Smoking makes your lungs go black and you can get lung cancer.”