This week in P2AG

What a busy week, packed full of amazing learning!



We have began our new reading scheme, Oxford Reading Tree and have been developing our knowledge of the story line to enable us to understand the progression through the books. We have been learning to increase our fluency when reading. We were able to use different techniques such as “sounding out the words” (Cole), “looking at the pictures (for clues)” (Lilley-Mai) and reading the remainder of the sentence to figure out the unknown word.

This week in phonics, we have been learning the ‘ow’ sound (e.g. brown/cow). We were learning to say the sound, use if for sounding out new words and also practiced how to use these new words in a sentence. We also talked about the ‘ow’ sound we have previously learned (blow/snow) and were able to identify which ‘ow’ to say in unfamiliar words. We know the following words have the ‘ow’ (brown) sound: cow (Ruva), towel (Callum), powerful (Harry T), owl (Beth), growl (Harry N) and howl (Reggie).


In writing this week, we were learning to organise information under given headings to create a “fact file about the sun” (Beth). We used our prior knowledge of the sun, developed last week and showcased this in our attention grabbing, and interesting fact files. We included “pictures and diagrams” (Craig) and “facts” about the sun in our fact files.

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL)

In IDL, we have been learning about the moon. We know the “moon orbits earth” (Nadia) and this takes “28 days” (Noah). We know that “the moon is smaller than earth”  and “does not give off any light” (Reggie). We also with a mirror and a torch to show how the moon reflects the light onto earth.

We also read the book titled You be You (Millie) by Linda Kranz which is about celebrating uniqueness. We discussed the message and were able to talk about what we have in common with our friends and how we differ from them. The story featured an array of stone fish, each with a unique pattern. We were able to design our own stone fish using at least three different types of lines (Nikola) and two shape patterns (Callum). Check out the Sunnyside Primary Twitter page to see our amazing stone fish!


In Numeracy, we have been learning to halve number up to 20. This week we used our prior knowledge to develop our ability to halve numbers without using concrete resources. We linked our fraction knowledge with our knowledge of the two times table and this helped us to half number quickly. We learned to track with our fingers whilst counting up in 2’s.

We look forward to sharing our learning journey with you all again next week!

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.