This Week in P7RS…

Thankfully P7RS came back after the February break ready to throw themselves into this term. We have had a rather busy week, let us share with you what we have learned…

Reading – We have been learning to read and analyse a text for information. We have also been learning to answer thick and thin questions using information from a text. In order to do this, we have been continuing to develop our skimming and scanning skills.

We have been reading First News articles to do this. From reading articles, discussing and answering questions about them we have realised that we need to spend more time answering thick than thin questions and to read the question carefully to make sure we are skimming and scanning for the correct information.

We need to continue to practise answering these questions – particularly thick questions. Josh, Miles and Rhigan

Bikeability – We have been learning to ride our bikes safely on the road.

We took part in a Bikeability lesson where we learned to do a safe stop, safe start and a U turn. We learned to check the road before we go and to give a signal when entering and leaving the road. We were also reminded how to complete a bike safety check.

Next time, we need to develop our confidence signalling as it involves taking one hand off the handle bars and making sure we check behind us for passing cars. Rebecca, Megan and Casey

WW2 (writing) – We have been learning about Anderson Shelters and visualising what it might have been like to spend time in one. We have also been learning to use descriptive language/techniques and making sure we have used all our basic punctuation correctly (capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks).

We have been trying to do this by writing a diary entry about spending a night in an Anderson shelter. To add description/details, we have been considering what they might have eaten and drank, the smell and what they may have done to take their minds off what was happening outside. We have also been trying to include lots of emotions words as it would be quite frightening having to enter an Anderson Shelter.

We need to finish these off next week before exploring evacuations and rationing. Connor, Alan and Callum

Maths – The Spicy and Extreme groups have been learning to find a fraction of a number by using division strategies. To help us do this, we have been practising the written algorithm (bridge strategy) and then answering questions from textbooks. For example, we have completed questions like 1/3 of 135 which is 45.

We need to practise finding fractions of bigger numbers and also finding equivalent fractions.

The Hot group have been learning to use fraction walls to help them order and compare fractions. They have had to order lots of different fractions and have realised that if the numbers in the fraction are big it does not mean the fraction is bigger – for example 1/10 is bigger than 1/12.

Next week the Hot group will also begin finding equivalent fractions, using their fraction walls at first and then without. Brooke, Izzy and Aria

WW2 (technology) – We have been learning to build Anderson Shelters and we have had to think about how we can structure our Anderson shelters to withstand a ‘bomb’.

We used a variety of materials to build our Anderson Shelters including shoe boxes and other materials we have brought in from home. We had to think about how we can make them historically accurate – adding sand bags, camouflaging them, adding bunk beds, newspapers for entertainment, vegetables growing on top, radio, lamps. The Anderson Shelters had to be big enough for a family of 6 Lego figures.

We made our Anderson Shelters in groups – we had to remember to not be hefty hogs or lazy logs. We all managed to make an Anderson Shelter in our groups within the time frame too. We have bombed them and thankfully all survived! No Lego figures were injured! Ray, Marek and Aiden