This Week in P4FM

In Maths, this was our second week of learning about fractions. We have been writing in missing fractions on number lines and I feel like I understand a bit more about them now (Kayley). We used individual whiteboards during mental maths and maths times to answer different types of fractions problems which has helped our understanding (Lexi). I feel like I am definitely getting the hang of fractions more now (Kelsey). Some of us still feel like we have more to learn about fractions and are really enjoying being able to understand it (Callum, Michael, Kayley).

P4FM visited Alloa Library this week which we really enjoyed. We liked how there are steps to sit on and read, and lots of cushions and soft seats to lie around on (Erin, Thomas, Lilli, Kayley). Some of us visit the library regularly, whilst others are going to try to visit with our families. We are going to visit every term with our class.

In Literacy this week, we used the ‘Toontastic’ app on the i-pads to summarise a chapter of our reading books. We absolutely loved it and will be using other apps to film and animate our stories ((Callum, Thomas, Colton and Zak). Because our topic is the History of Toys, and we are writing imaginative stories, we wrote this week about a toy that came to life. We loved using our imaginations and our own bedroom and toys as the character and the setting (Marilena, Abbey, Ciaran and Sean).

In PE, we are still learning about racquet sports, but have changed from Badminton to tennis. We are discovering that tennis has very different rules! (Callum and Kayley). I know I’m finding tennis hard right now, but also know it will get easier the more I practise (Kayley).

As a class, we would like to keep learning using digital technology across all subjects (Kelsey, Michael). We have made some strides and will continue to do more.

We are looking forward to our holiday next week, but will miss seeing some of our friends. Have a great week off everyone!