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This week in IDL we have continued to develop our knowledge of famous Scots. We focused on Charles Rennie Mackintosh this week and now know he was a famous Scottish artist (Oscar). We also explored “different types of lines” (Jaiden) whist creating our own Charles Rennie Macintosh painting. The types of lines we used included:

  • Straight lines (Rhys)
  • Curved lines (Millie)
  • Jaggy lines (Craig)
  • Diagonal lines (Oscar)


In reading this week, we were introduced to the Oxford Reading Tree books. We have been learning about the main character within the reading series. We now know the family are called the Robinson family (Reggie). We now know the names of each of the characters and can describe one thing about them.  For example:

  • Floppy (the dog) likes to dig holes in the garden (Noah).
  • Chip is Biffs’ twin brother and he likes cycling (Reggie).
  • Biff (the twin sister) likes swimming and playing football (Beth).
  • Kipper couldn’t say his name [Christopher] so called himself Kipper instead. (Tia)
  • Dad always breaks things (Jaiden).
  • Mum is good at fixing things (Cole).

We also read the book called “A new dog” (Evin). We made a prediction based on the tile and the front cover of the book, before investigating elements of the text. We focused on the difference between to and too first, and moved on to develop our ability to  spell various key words found in the text. We were also able to summarise the book in two sentences at the end of the week.


This week in writing we continued develop our ability to write instructions. We made a Valentine card for someone at home using our own hand prints. We were able to listen to the teachers instructions carefully and complete each step successfully. After making our cards we then wrote instructions – for P2CF – on how to make these cards. In our writing, we remembered to include a list of materials (Cole) and were able to order our steps (Noah). We also made sure to choose an appropriate sentence starter for our instructions, before writing a “bossy verb” to tell the reader what to do.


This week in Numeracy, we have been learning describe, count and create “arrays” (Craig) to support our knowledge of multiplication (Harry T). We now know that rows “go across the way” (Harry N) and columns “go up and down the way” (Rhys). We appeared to enjoy using an active approach in our learning this week and this has helped us to become more confident in completing multiplication sums.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. See you in a week!

Primary 2 and Miss Gillon.