This week in P1NM

Hello from Primary 1NM!

Most of our work this week was to prepare for our Assembly.  We worked hard at home and in the class to learn what we needed to say.  We made Chinese lanterns and Chinese dragons.  Our Big Buddies helped us to learn our lines and to learn the songs.  We loved the animal masks!  Our Assembly performance was a HUGE success and all of our visitors enjoyed watching it and sharing our work in class!
– “People born in the year of the pig should be honest.” (Layla)
– “We will be telling you about Chinese New Year.” (Amber)
– “Gods appeared and gave the animals such a fright.” (Kyle)
– “Every year in the Chinese calendar is named after one of 12 animals.” (Andrew)

In Literacy, we wrote stories about going to the dentist.
– “The dentist put a filling into my tooth.” (Erin)
– “When I went to the dentist, he had a look at my teeth and they were fine.” (Braxton)
– “My mummy took me to the dentist to get my teeth checked.” (Alesha)

In Numeracy, we used paper plates and cubes to discover all of the addition facts for 4.  We wrote them in order and talked about the patterns that we saw.
– “4+0=4” (Fraser)
– “3+1=4” (Vincent)
– “2+2=4” (Jack)
– “1+3=4” (Kyle)
– “0+4=4” (Isla)

Many thanks to all of our families for coming today.  Thanks also to all of the hard work and support you have given us during this term – have a lovely week off!