w/b 3rd December

J, Z, C, J, B and A were learning about blogs this week in nursery. Mrs Gentleman showed the children our school website. Great excitement when they found the photo of the school building.

“that’s my school”

“that’s where I come to nursery”

This is the first blog completed by our nursery learners.

“Emmm singing ….mmm I was doing jingle bells and Christmas.  Emmm Santa Claus put presents on us at Christmas”

“Playing in the house playing cause I was getting lunch”.

Becky “talking about elves was doing push ups at home”

April “talking about Grinch- he was stealing my supper then stealing my supper on Christmas”-

Enterprise and Building the Young Workforce

Our nursery learners were learning about how you can make items to sell to other people to raise funds for the nursery and school at the annual Christmas Fayre.

Snowman Soup and eco-friendly magic reindeer food were a big hit. Lots of discussion about how they have the same at home.

“Sell it ….. My mummy and daddy are coming to fayre I will get them to buy one”