w/b 26th November


Our nursery learners requested pizza and soup for snack this week.Lots of numeracy language during our discussions about size, how vegetables can change and become smaller and

“yummy”      “good”

“I have pizza at home”

“that looks like blood”


Our nursery learners were estimating how much water was required to fill the containers.

“it’s going to take 10 to fill the bottles up”


The story area has become popular after a wee spruce up! Learners have been independent in reading stories out loud to themselves and their peers, describing the story in their own words and using a range of descriptive language.

“the wheels were flying they were going so fast”

“that’s cow, that’s pigs …..moo” says one of our younger learners

The interest in story telling has created an interest in illustrating their own pictures ….. “that’s the ice, snowflakes and fireworks”

“this is the grass, it’s long really long”

Wonder if we will begin to have plays and storytelling next week?