This Week in P7JB

This week we have been learning about…


In Maths we have been learning about lines of symmetry. We had to identify shapes that had lines of symmetry, as well as drawing the line of symmetry onto a shape. We did this working in pairs. (Ibtasam) We also learned about rotational symmetry. Rotational symmetry is when you can turn a shape it looks exactly the same. (Grace)

The Spicy group were doing adding and taking away of decimals. We got a sheet and had to do adding first and then taking away. I feel I did pretty good. (Drew)

The Extreme group did adding and subtracting of decimals. We sat on the carpet with whiteboards and chose certain numbers from the board and we added and subtracted 10s, 100s and 1000s to/from the numbers. I think I did good because we worked it out in the end. (Will)


In our writing lesson we were writing a diary entry, ‘My Teacher is a Superhero.’ We wrote about how our teacher went through a portal. We had to use similes such ‘as sharp as a knife’ or ‘as soft as a feather’ to describe the setting. (Eva and Husnain)
During our writing we had to draw the setting of the diary entry.


We continued our work with our Mock Court this week. We were required to make notes this week to help us as part of our evidence. The ‘Witnesses’, ‘Solicitor’ and the ‘Researchers’ worked together.

The gown makers started making the gowns out of a bed sheet. Miss Smith’s Mum came in to help us with this. It was very interesting. (Aimee)

The witnesses started to create a ‘scene’ out of cardboard boxes. (Teigan)


Jake, Will, Grace, Kyra, Josh, Rhigan, Eva, Fern, Ewan, Euan, Emma and Ellie went to Cross Country leagues on Tuesday. P6s, P5s then P7s ran in groups to get the fastest time we could. Eva came 5th and Grace came 6th. We did quite well. Next week we have the Championships. (Jake)