This week in P3/4 LS

This week has been exciting in P3/4 LS.

In numeracy and maths we have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock and digital clock. The Mild group have been telling the time to o’clock, half past and quarter past. The Hot group have been working on telling the time to quarter to on analogue clock. The Spicy Group have been telling the time to quarter to on digital clocks. Lots of us have been so successful in our learning that we moved on to more challenging work. Some of us even started working on 5 minute intervals. It was so fun learning using the iPads on the telling the time game (Innes). We also were playing card games to help us tell the time (Anika).


In reading we have been paired reading with P7B. Jamie has been reading The Magic Finger with his buddies and thought it was really funny because the character changed their names to Mr and Mrs Egg (Jamie).  Jessica has been reading the BFG with her buddies and would recommend other people to read the book.

In IDL we have been learning to create a speech using our animal fact files. We used the iPads and the Netbooks to successfully use Clicker 6 and Word to type up our speeches. Some people have two slides to talk about during the presentations and some people have one. I thought it was exciting because not all of us use the Netbooks for our writing every week (Eilidh H).

The most exciting bit of the week was when ZooLab came into our class and showed us rainforest animals. We learned lots of interesting facts about rainforest animals. I held a cockroach, it had lots of legs and it was ticklish (Nate). Did you know that cockroaches sense things with their antennae? I held an African Snail, a Corn Snake and a Millipede. My favourite animals was the Corn Snake because it was long and scaly (Mac). Did you know that Millipedes roll up like a poo and smell like a poo so they have less chance of being eaten by predators? I also held the Corn Snake called Iggy, i thought it was soft (Anabia).  We had an amazing time with ZooLab we would recommend it to others.

This was the best week at school so far.

From P3/4 LS and Miss Stewart