This week in P3/4LS

This week in P3/4LS we have enjoyed our week in school. In numeracy we have been learning to build and describe numbers. The spicy group are learning to build numbers using 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. The hot group have been using 100s, 10s and 1s. The mild group have been using 10s and 1s. We have been writing down, standard form, expanded form, picture form and word form of numbers. I like playing the basketball place value game because it is fun and I like it when the basketball goes through the hoop when I get it right (Alyxs).

In reading we are learning to predict what is happening in our stories. We have been looking at the front covers for clues and then the pictures throughout the book.

In writing we have been learning how to write a simple story independently using our V.C.O.P skills. My story was about Joe who went to space in a rocket. He met an Alien and they became friends (Jamie).

In IDL we told Miss Stewart what and how we wanted to learn  in our new topic called The Rainforest. We want to learn more about animals and what they eat. We also want to learn about the different levels of the forest. On the iPads we went on Google Earth to find the Amazon Rainforest. Did you know that the Amazon River is over 4000 miles long? (Nate).

Have a great week. We hope you enjoyed our blog.

From Miss Stewart and P3/4LS