This week in P3LH

Welcome to P3LH’s blog, this blog will share what we have been learning about this week.

We have been reading ‘Disney’s Inside Out’ which has been teaching us about how to manage our emotions. We made our own personality islands to show how we are unique.

In numeracy, we have been learning ordering and sequencing numbers. In the mild group, we have been learning to count up to 30 using tens and cubes. We have been learning to partition 2 digit numbers to show how they are made. In the hot group, we have been ordering 3 digit numbers from smallest to largest. We know if the hundreds are the same we need to look at the tens to help put them in order. In the spicy group, we have been learning the place value of 4 digit numbers and sequencing them from smallest to largest using hundreds, tens and units to help us.

In reading, we were introduced to the Book Detectives. This is where everyone has a job to do to help us understand the book we are reading. The jobs are the Illustrator, the Questioner, the Clarifer, the Leader, the Summariser and the Predictor. We are looking forward to taking on these roles in our reading!

In IDL, we learned how to identify living and non-living objects. We know something is living if it breathes, it reproduces, it eats, its grows and it moves. We went outside to the playground to see what we could find! We found ants, people, dogs, leaves and rocks! We were able to split these into living and non-living objects. We also used what we have learned so far to draw a picture of the rainforest, we had to make sure it was colorful and realistic!

We look forward to sharing our learning next week!

Mrs Hunter and P3LH