Our School Staff

At St. Bernadette’s primary, our school staff are very friendly and they care for all of the children.

Here is a list of staff-

Head Teacher:

Mrs. McElroy

Principal Teacher:

Miss. MacDonald

Parish Priest:

Fr. Mike

Class Teachers:

Mrs. Morgan  P1

Mrs. MacLeod  and MIss. MacDonald  P2

Mrs. Clark  P3

Mrs. Cooper  P4

Miss Crawford  P5/6

Mr. Traquair  P6/7

Classroom Assistants:

Mrs. Watson

Mrs. Caproni

Miss Naismith

Mrs. Burney

Mrs. Mackie

Inclusion Support:

Mrs. McFarlane

Mrs. Hamilton

P.E. Teacher:

Mrs. Chance

Art Teacher:

Mr. Gough

Office Workers:

Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Pitcairn

Dinner Ladies:

Miss. Scott is the Cook

Mrs. Marshall is the assistant cook


Mr. Muir