School Lunches

All children in P1-3 are entitled to a free school meal

In primary schools, a healthy and nutritional lunch is available to all children.

Our menu has been devised in line with the Health Promotion and Nutrition Scotland Act (2007) which means your child can choose a well balanced nutritious meal.

Daily Choice

For the price of £2.00, your child is entitled to a 2 course meal and can have as much salad or vegetables as they wish to accompany their lunch.

A selection of fresh bread, water, milk and orange or blackcurrant juice is available every day and is included with the meal.

We operate an annual menu, which runs from August to June with a three week menu cycle.

Along with the desserts shown on the menu, a selection of fresh fruits will be available daily as an alternative.

The current menu can be found here

For more information please see Clackmannanshire Council’s website.

*********Peanut Allegies***********

We appreciate your co-operation in helping to keep Redwell a NUT FREE ZONE and keep our children safe. Please remember that this also includes food products that contain nuts eg. Nutella and other chocolate spreads, Peanut butter, cereal bars etc.