Gardening Group

June update Gardening Group

It has been a very busy few weeks. Thank you to mrs Johnstone for driving forward plans. Donations have included…
*Dobbies, Stirling – free packets of seeds including flowers and vegetables and some shallots and red onions that have just been planted in our first veg raised bed last Friday.
*Council Garden team – free compost and bare rooted trees including Rowan and Oak as well as some shrubs and trailing plants they could spare.
*Hillsfoot Nurseries, Tillicoultry – discount on items bought to date (compost) and donation of 80 pots for new P1 seedlings.
*Tillicoultry Baptist church – free plants for many planters including mature azaleas, hydrangea, ferns, grasses, ivy and other smaller perennials and a rock for early years planter.
*Hamilton & Brydie, Tullibody – 50% off gravel in early years planters and some great stories about local rock used in the area which will be shared with relevant Early Years classes.
*Lidl, Alloa – free compost thanks to a parent (Tavis’ mum) who works there and who was willing to deliver to the door!
*Buicks, Alloa – Good price on fertilizer and weed control fabric.
*Coop, Alloa – Manager and another worker have come to help us dig and weed on 2 Fridays so far (approx 8 man hours of work including heavy digging).
*Cowden Japanese garden – Tree trunks with lichen and mosses and native plants for our “temperate rainforest” planter – currently on their site due to such hot weather.
*Wimpy Park Community group – surplus veg seeds for us to grow in the planters next term thanks to Tam’s mum (P4) and learning that his dad built the raised beds in the multicoloured area and he is delighted they are now being used.
*Parental contributions – large amount of cardboard for the vegetable planters, mint, hydrangea, chives, a rock, 3 autumn raspberry canes – currently all plants are in my garden being looked after.
*Huge amount of man hours provided by members of parent council and other parents some regular and others on an adhoc basis to date.
If you have any spare time on a Friday afternoon between 1:15pm and 4:00pm and wish to help in our gardening group, please get in touch.

Gardening Group


Over the past few weeks our gardening group has been established and is taking place every Friday afternoon. Mrs Johnstone, one of our parents, has planned for each of the wooden planters to be landscaped so they link with our “Redwell Curriculum” at each stage. The work has begun by weeding and mulching each planter. The gardening group are now filling them with a variety of plants and shrubs. We even have a few trees!

In each planter we have started to plant such items as a Rowan Tree, some bulbs and flowering shrubs. We had help from parents, local community and also staff members from the Co-op.


We are also working on the fenced off raised beds area. The plan is to grow some vegetables and flowers. So far we have dug out one of the beds and stamped down the soil, covering with cardboard then a layer of soil. This will prevent weeds growing and make it easier to dig up our crops when they grow.