The Wild Robot

This week we have been listening to more of the Wild Robot story and comparing it to the Emily Gravett story The Odd Egg.  We learned about Roz’s accident and the egg that she finds and then drew and wrote it in the style of Emily Gravett.

We have had music technology with Mr Clark which was great fun.  We learned to make music with our voices and bodies.  We also listened to some music and thought about which part of the Wild Robot story it reminded us of.  In a few weeks, we are going to work again with Mr Clark and create our own Wild Robot soundscapes.

In PSHE we have been learning about the parts of the body.

We have started to learn about the life of Mohammed in our Islam RME topic.  We have also learned a little bit about Ramadan by watching Newsround.

In maths, we have been practising using money and giving change.  It’s a bit tricky at the moment but we are going to keep trying!

May :)

This week we have been outside observing nature, just like Roz the Robot.  We built a hide to camouflage ourselves. Then we wrote our observations on a Roz and camouflaged her too!

We went to see the P1 sharing of learning assembly.  It was about the Enormous Turnip.  We liked it when everyone tried to pull the turnip up!

We have been reading lots of books, like the Wild Robot, Frankenstein and Mr Tiger Goes Wild.  We wrote down the similarities and differences between the books.

We have been learning about points of the compass. Yesterday on the playground we hid some blocks, we marked their location on a map and then we gave the map to another team to find them all.

We have started reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes – they are both robots, they both had simple pictures in black and white and they both used onomatopoeia, alliteration and repetition.

Term 4 Newsletter


Last term we all really enjoyed the William Wallace topic.  We especially loved the visit to the Bannockburn Experience, where we got to try on mediaeval armour and re-enact the battle.  We also had lots of visitors to tell us about Wallace and Bruce, which we really appreciated.  Thank you!


This term our literacy focus is on the Wild Robot story by Peter Brown.  We will use this as a springboard to enhance our learning.  The story links well to our topic of Scotland’s Wildlife.  We are hoping to get outside and learn lots about the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us here at Redwell.  In maths we will be looking at area, angle and grid references, as well as learning about money and change.


As part of the Health and Wellbeing curricululm, we will be starting a unit of work on Parenthood, Sexual Health and Relationships Education.  In P3 this will include:

  • Families and people in my world who can help me
  • Emotional wellbeing and friendships
  • Similarities and differences between people including male and females
  • Classifying living and non-living things
  • Growth and development from baby to present day
  • Needs of a baby/how to look after a baby
  • Correct vocabulary for male and female body parts
  • Maintaining a healthy body/personal hygiene


Mrs Smith and Miss Fuller


P3S have enjoyed watching the BBC live lesson about the oceans this week.  We have learned about how humans are spoiling the oceans with plastic and how climate change is causing sea levels to rise.  We have also learned what we can do to protect the sea.

This week’s spelling words are:











Have a great holiday and see you in two weeks!

This week

This week we have been practising our times tables.  We have been applying our knowledge of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 times tables.  We have learned what a square number is and used rhymes to help us to remember.

We went to the P4 sharing of learning assembly and learned all about the vikings.  We learned a viking clap and enjoyed listening to the songs.  We learned the vikings were alive in the year 1000 and we learned about what they used to wear and that they made their houses out of wood and the roof was straw.

We have been learning about electricity.  We know that electricity is the movement of electrons.  We know that it can be dangerous and how to stay safe.  We know that you shouldn’t put batteries in your mouth!  Electrical energy can be changed to light, heat and sound energy.  We have learned that it is bad to get electricity by burning coal and oil, but that solar and wind energy is better for the planet.

Sharing of Learning Assembly

We shared our learning about William Wallace.  We performed in a play with Alasdair as King Edward and Ruairi as William Wallace.   We were on William Wallace’s side!  Mrs Morton taught us a victory dance which we imagined the Scottish dancing after the Battle of Stirling Bridge.  There were a lot of people who wanted to be King of Scotland but King Edward chose John Balliol.  Unfortunately John Balliol got arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London so William Wallace had to take over the job of Guardian of Scotland.  After Wallace was betrayed and killed, Robert the Bruce became king and Scotland won its FREEDOM!

The Battle of Stirling Bridge

This week we have started practising our sharing of learning assembly.  We hope to see lots of you next Thursday afternoon!

Today we had a visitor from the Wallace Monument called Catherine.  Catherine showed us the Wallace Monument from different angles.  She told us that they were taken by a drone.  William Wallace’s sword is in the monument.  This year the monument is 150 years old.  To celebrate its birthday the monument is being refurbished and it will be open again in May.

Then we had a great time making bridges out of Kappla and seeing how strong they were.  We also made a foam bridge that we could walk on.  Big thanks to the Engine Shed in Stirling for lending us their resources!

Then this afternoon, we practised our dance for the assembly and after that, we re-enacted the Battle of Stirling bridge.  It’s been a busy day!

William Wallace

This week we have been busy preparing our learning journals.  We are very proud of the work we have done and are looking forward to sharing it with you.  Please return the learning journals to school on Monday 18th February.

This week Mr Smith came in to teach us about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.   He showed us a sword, but it wasn’t a mediaeval one because the mediaeval swords were made of iron and they used to shatter on the battlefield.  He also showed us shackles, they were like handcuffs but for your legs.  We have learned how William Wallace won the battle of Stirling Bridge by knocking out the pegs under the bridge so the English fell into the water.  Mr Smith told the teachers to be quiet and he tried to scare them by asking us questions about what we had already learned.  But we knew lots!  He also showed us Robert the Bruce’s reconstructed face –  people used to think he had leprosy and it was gruesome!

We did Book and a Blether this morning.  Some of our mums, dads, grannies and grandads came in to share reading with us.


This week we have been thinking about fractions and division.  A fraction can be a half, a quarter, three quarters, a fifth… there are lots!  The bottom number shows us how many groups we are dividing it into.

We have been writing our own battle cry against King Edward I.  Our battle cries include some words we have magpied, such as “tyranny”, encouraging words to make the soldiers feel brave and questions.

This week poor King John Balliol was sent to prison by Edward I.  Edward I also stole the stone of Scone.  We have written a poster describing the stone and offering a reward if someone brings it back!

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