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Week 6 in Primary 2B


“Abi J, Lena, Liam, Natsumi, Hanna, Rory, Amber, Alexis and I have been making books.” (Kayla)

“We were watching a movie of the bike man jumping over the 3D shapes”. (Annabelle) (

“We were talking about 2D shapes and 3D shapes” Bryce. 

“We coloured in the 3D shapes and when we finished we labelled them.” (Liam)

“We were practicing a song for the Harvest festival. It is about seeds,  rain, sun and vegetables.” (Georgia).

“We were painting our hills at art.” (Michael)


All shapes and sizes!

This week in P2 we have been learning more about 2D shapes and 3D objects, and odd and even numbers. If you see some numbers while you are out and about this weekend, have a chat about whether they are odd or even.

We really enjoyed our community walk. Thanks so much to those parents who offered to come with us. We really appreciate it, and look forward to another excursion soon.

Parents night appointments have gone out today. If need to reschedule, please let me know.

Learning journals have also gone home today. Please have a look together with your child. Please return these on Monday 1st October (this coming Monday).

Your child will also have a Christmas card design in their red folders. If you wish to place an order, please complete the order form and send the money in no later than Friday 5th October.

(Writing task about harvest)

(3D Object hunt – maybe you could have one at home?)

(Matching the real object to the correct name)  

(Create the 3D object from playdough)

Week 5 in Primary 2B


“We were doing jobs and one of the jobs was to order in 10s with stones and shells” Bryce.

“We were putting counters next to the numbers to find out which was the highest and the lowest” Dakota.

“We were working out what number was even and what number was odd” Riley.

“In PE we were doing hills and valleys. Hills and valleys are a game for a warm up where you flip over cones” Natsumi.

“We were learning about 3D shapes like pyramids, triangular prisms, cuboids, cubes, cylinders and spheres” Jared.

“In maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s” Rory.

“We were writing about Not Now Bernard” Michael.

“We were doing our letters outside with the chalk. We were using the ee sound to spell see, bee, tree and green” Logan.

Week 4 in P2B

“We were learning about French. We were saying hello, goodbye and how are you.” Natsumi

“This week we were doing maths. We were learning about numbers and putting them in the right order.” Abi J

“We were printing pictures in art.” Ohad

“This week we were learning about the sound ‘are’, with words like share, care and dare.” Beth

“We were writing about designing a garden for Cedric (formerly known as the big bad wolf).” Annabelle

“We were learning about RME. We were sorting out what Jesus made in the right order and we read a story about it.” Jared



Adventures in Primary 2B

Week 3 in Primary 2B

“This week we have been making junk models. I was trying to make a house.” (Megan)

“We have been looking at the number before, after, between, less and more.” (Riley)

“We were writing about building houses out of metal and bricks.” (Cameron)

“We were telling Cedric (the Big Bad Wolf) how to build a house.” (Annabelle)

“We made a pop out house and it looks like 3D.” (Liam)

“We have been dancing to music and copying the actions in PE.” (Alexis)

“We did our spelling. If you made a mistake, you crossed it out.” (Jared)

“We have been learning about octagons, pentagons and hexagons.” (Amber, Natsumi and Abi J)