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Healthy bodies in P2

“We were cutting out healthy foods and we had to colour them in before we stuck them on a paper plate. Before we were sticking them on the plates we had to colour them in the right colours. Healthy food included fruit, sandwich, cheese, raisins, a bowl of fruit and chicken. Unhealthy food included a gingerbread men, chocolate, crisps and chips.” (Aryanna, Kayla, Alexis, Beth and Rory)

“In science we were learning about germs. You have to wash your hands before lunch because if you don’t you will get germs on your food. Those germs go into your stomach. When they go into your blood, the white blood cells fight the germs. Then we got some glitter and some hand cream and some of us put it on our hands and we were pretending it was germs.” (Riley, Michael and Georgia).


“We were learning about the body. We pretended that the jar and some water and marshmallows, rice and other things were parts of the blood. There are white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. The white blood cells fight the germs. The red blood cells carry oxygen. The platelets stop the bleeding.” (Beth, Járed, Abby W and Abi J).

We will be focusing on multiplication again next week in maths. Looking forward to seeing you all at parents nights next week. We will be taking a closer look at non-fiction books, looking at their contents and index pages to help us find information. We will also be learning more about the senses.

Happy Red Nose Day

“During reading we had stations and one of them was writing ‘oa’ words. We were looking in our reading books for verbs”. (Bryce and Beth).

“We were learning about the colour of other people’s eyes. We were putting them on a sheet to see how much we had. It was a bar graph. We were looking at the colour of eyes of the people in our classroom. The colours were green, blue and brown. The number of blue eyes was the biggest. The number of people with green eyes was the lowest.” (Abby W, Rory, Járed, Michael, Logan, Georgia and Beth).

“We were taking a picture of us being dressed up and wearing red noses.” (Liam)

“We were making our own lungs. We had to get two straws and we had to get two bags and stick them together to make lungs”. (Lena)

“We learned that the left side of the brain controls the right side of your body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of your body. We learned that there was different parts of the brain for doing different things. The brain is split into two sides. There’s four important things in the brain, like the cerebellum and the cerebrum and the brain stem.” (Riley, Alexis, Abi, Kayla and Georgia)

Next week we will be learning about multiplying and dividing and our sound will be ‘ew’.

World Book Day 2019

Some pictures from our week.

We were learning about the heart and digestion. We recreated the functions of the teeth, saliva, the stomach and the small and large intestines.

We had a tea party, where we applied our knowledge of fractions to equally share pancakes and slices of bread between 4 friends.

Megan and Joseph presented our Show and Tell this week.

We were looking for nouns in our reading books.

And our sound of the week was ‘aw’.

Our costumes for World Book Day

Natsumi and Amber shared fantastic book blessings

And we received a lovely present from the book fairy!

Next week we will be using the sound ‘oa’ from goat and boat. We will be looking at number and at data handling in maths while we carry on with our topic, The Body.

Body Parts

We were writing about our dragon story.

We shared books that we love to read and have written ourselves.

“We were drawing hard words with oats.” (Rhylan)

“We were writing pyramids with the whiteboards and pens and we were using our sound to write the words. The sound was u_e. We were also doing it in groups.” (Natsumi and Georgia)


“We were drawing around our bodies so we could show where the body parts go and what they do. We were having to put them into the right places so they can make our body move.” (Rory and Alexis)

“We were learning about the body. We were matching words with body parts. The words were all verbs. We have a song about it – Every sentence needs a verb, a doing or a being word, happening verbs! We have also learned about more body parts.” (Megan, Járed, Riley and Nathan)

Next week we will be finishing our maths topic of fractions. Our sound will be ‘aw’.

New Topic – The Body

“We were doing drama about the dragon and the mouse. Also we were making our own story. I was a miner. We were writing invitations to the dragon and we read stories about dragons.” (Aryanna, Járed and Riley)

“We learned a new sound this week and the sound was o_e. We were writing pyramids of words with the o_e letters in it”. (Kayla)

“We were doing mental maths and we had to see the number without counting. We were also doing some different numbers as well. While we were doing mental maths the pen broke”. (Liam, Beth and Rory)

“In our maths we were using counters and paper strips and we were doing sums with halves and quarters” (Bryce).

“We were learning about the body and we needed to ask questions about our body.” (Megan and Natsumi)

Our sound for next week is u_e and we will be continuing to use our fractions knowledge in maths.

Sumdog logins will also be going home next week in homework jotters.

P2B Assembly week

“We were having soft start and at soft start I was drawing. After that we made valentines cards. We were decorating the cards with paper hearts. We were folding paper, drawing half of a love heart and cutting them out. We learned that hearts are symmetrical.” (Euan, Rory and Abi J).

“We were writing our words on the whiteboards with the pictures. Our sound was i_e. We have been writing i_e words with playdough and on whiteboards.” (Joseph and Kayla).

“This week we did some show and tell with Euan and Abi who were going to show us some stuff. They got to show us the cool things that they brought. We had to be quiet and listen to the person who was speaking. The person who was speaking had to have a clear voice, make eye contact and after they did show and tell we said what they did good and what they did a little bit good. Some people get letters about show and tell and we have to listen to them.” (Alexis and Georgia)

“We were showing our mums and dads our class and we went on the laptops and showed them sumdog. Outside we were doing symmetrical pictures with chalk and me and Járed drew Járed’s mum, and we drew a line of symmetry by drawing lines with chalk down the middle” (Bryce, Járed and Riley)

“Annabelle and I made a picture of my mummy and we put rocks and shells around it”. (Liam)

P2B Try Everything!

We’ve had a great week in P2B.

Our focus sound was a_e – we made words with playdough and drew pictures of the words on our whiteboards. We watched this video about ‘magic e’.

Our sound next week is i_e as in spike and hike.

In maths we were using playdough, paper strips and pasta to work out halves and quarters of a whole or an amount. We will continue with fractions next week.

We were learning about skeletons on Monday. Some Primary 7s came along to help us put them together with split pins.

Our assembly practice also began this week. Please come and join us next Thursday afternoon for our sharing afternoon where we will teach you all about Gerald the Giraffe and how did not give up, just like us!

Thank you for Mollie and Rhylan for book blessings this week about Dr Seuss’ Fox in Sox and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We look forward to reading them soon. 

We also chose our favourite books from our class library and wrote a message to our classmates about why they might like to read them. Largo the Lion came along to give us a hand. Thanks Largo!


We logged into the laptops and used Clicker 7 to write and save emails to Ohad. They’ll be coming your way soon Ohad!

Phew! What a busy week!


Another week in P2B

“This week we have been writing about trying to do stuff. We have to keep on going.” Megan

We were learning about growth mindset and the power of yet – we learned that even if we can’t do things yet, we can still keep trying.

“We were doing the ‘oi’ sounds on whiteboards”. Dakota. Can you guess what the children’s favourite ‘oi’ word was?

“This week we were measuring in litres and we had stations. They were laptops and we were doing capacity countdown.” Beth

“We were measuring in litres with some water and we were seeing if we had more or less than 1 litre.” Járed

We tried out a new drama activity to help us understand the story we have been reading called Giraffes can’t Dance. Natsumi pretended to be the giraffe and we asked her questions. 

Thank you to the children who have brought show and tell items and books for book blessings. Every child will have the opportunity to share this term.

Next week in maths we will be looking at fractions, particularly halves and quarters. Our sound will be a_e, as in bake and cake.

Week 2 in P2B

“We were playing Sumdog for the first time. The P7s came to help us. When we were playing with Sumdog we have to choose a game and answer maths questions. If you were really good you got a pet.” (Annabelle and Kayla)



Mostly Postie

“This week we have been measuring blocks. We were measuring how heavy things are. We were measuring in kilograms and half kilograms. We had stations and my favourite station was Mostly Postie”. (Rory, Liam, Megan and Beth).

“We were pretending to be characters from the book called “Giraffes Can’t Dance”. We were also dancing when the characters were dancing in the story.  When we were dancing the teacher invited anyone else to join in. Some people got to be a character and some didn’t. Abby Walker was Gerald the Giraffe.” (Abby W., Járed, Rory (again), Beth (again) and Georgia)

Ohad gave a book blessing to “Library Mouse” by Daniel Kirk. He even created an author box similar to the one in the story. We then got the chance to see ourselves as authors in the mirror and write our own stories. Thank you Ohad!

Alexis also shared a book blessing about  “The Christmasaurus” by Tom Fletcher. We enjoyed reading the prologue in class.

Beth shared a book blessing for “The Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton

Next week we will be learning about capacity and volume in maths measuring and estimating in litres and half litres.


First week back in p2B

“We have been measuring lots of things in the area and in our classroom” (Mollie)

“In gym we were doing stations. In one of the stations we had balloons, and we needed to try and catch them with our finger. We tried to keep them in the air. We used our fingers to bounce them up. We put balls in the cones and we bounced and caught them in the cone. ” (Kayla, Beth, Ohad and Járed)

In maths this week we have been learning about estimating and measuring length in metres and half metres.

In literacy, we have focused on the sound ‘oa’.

Next week in maths we will be continuing with adding, and looking at measuring weight in kilograms. In literacy, we will be looking at the ‘ew’ sound.