Our Trip to Briarlands Farm

Welcome to our class blog this week.

We had an absolutely wonderful time at Briarlands farm this Monday. There were so many things to see and do. As a class we would like to thank the parent helpers who came along to help! THANK YOU!!!!

Below are  some photos of our day.

Sports Day

We had a fantastic time at Sports Day. Here are some photographs having fun and competing.

We won lots of prizes and Murran won the award for amazing sportsmanship, she really showed us what it was all about!

Millie – I liked it when we did the long jump.

Noah – I liked that Oscar went very fast.

Ryan – I liked running fast.



Good afternoon!

This week we have been painting beautiful watercolour pictures for the art exhibition. Here’s a sneak peak of some of our masterpieces.

We have also been continuing to work on developing our speed and accuracy when answering addition and subtraction questions. Our first target is to work within 10 (eg. 5+2, 9-2) and then 20 (eg. 6+6, 5-1). We have been writing answers to questions on our whiteboards, hiding them and then showing the teacher all at the same time.

In technology we are gaining confidence working on the laptops. Today some pupils from P7M came to support us to use Paint. After today’s lesson we can now-

  • log on
  • open the Paint programme and create a picture
  • save a file
  • log off and shut down

Term 4

Primary 1:

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you find the following information useful.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

P.E days

Wednesday and Friday. Please dress your child in clothes that are easily changed out of

Learning focus this term:


Through our learning context, Redwell’s Wildlife, we will be learning about:

  • The effect of litter in our playground and how to reduce this
  • Trees and Plants in our grounds
  • Areas of our playground, such as the pond and the vegetable patch
  • Recycling at Redwell and within the wider community
  • Life cycle of animals
  • Food chains and food webs
  • Sustainability and the Global Goals
  • Pond dipping
  • Role of the environment and our role in looking after it
  • Human impact on wildlife

Core Literacy:

  • We will continue to learn more sound digraphs and revise previously taught sounds.
  • Tricky words will be taught and used in class.
  • We will continue to focus on using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our writing. Some children will develop their use of connectives to join 2 sentences together.
  • We will learn about labeling within our writing.
  • We will begin to write imaginative stories where we will create our own characters.
  • We will also learn about functional writing such as writing letters, postcards and invitations.

Core Mathematics and Numeracy:

  • We will be learning about number bonds up to 10
  • We will be learning the concepts of doubling and halving
  • We will be learning how to estimate measurements and then check these using appropriate units.
  • Through our topic about Redwell’s Wildlife, we will develop our data handling skills and will be focusing on using tally marks and creating different tables and charts.
  • We will also be continuing to focus on counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and identifying the numbers that come before and after a given number.
  • We will be able to identify halves and quarters of shapes and numbers.

Core Health and Wellbeing:

  • We will be learning about different needs of living things, including humans.
  • We will be learning about different families.
  • We will also be covering the Clackmannanshire Council’s Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education course of work.
  • We will be learning about how to look after a baby.


Thank you for your continued support.



Kind regards

Mrs Fraser and Mrs Hallahan


Another sunny day in P1F! This week we have been revising our number bonds, this is really important and if we have fast recall of these it will help us with all other maths.

Also in maths we have been learning sbout fractions of numbers and fractions of shapes. We know how to share out objects into 2 groups and we can divide a circle into halves and quarters!

In French, we are learn g the days of the week – Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi and Dimanche.


We have had another busy week in Primary 1. We are still practising our assembly songs, just in case you are wondering why we keep singing about Enormous Turnips!

In maths we have been learning about direction. Knowing left from right can be tricky, ask us to see if we can remember.

We have also been practising our handwriting to make sure we know how to correctly write each letter and where it should sit on the line.


We have had another busy week in Primary 1!

For Red Nose Day we got to wear red to school for the day! This is a really important charity and we have been working with Primary 5 to sell Red Noses.

In maths we are continuing to learn about measure and we are now learning about area  area is the amount of space a flat shape takes up .



In maths we are continuing to learn about measure in maths, this week we focused on weight. We revised using the language of heavier and lighter and learned to use the balance scales.

We we read the book, “Shhhh! We have a plan.” We liked the book because it had a good ending but we also thought the angry bird was a bit scary.

We used the story to help us to create characters and we used different materials to create our characters, just like the ones in the book.

Next we used the characters to create a new set of stories called, “Shhhh! We have another plan.”

We loved dressing up for World Book Day.








Last week we were learning about capacity in maths, we learned that this is the amount of space liquid takes up. We were using vocabulary including full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty to describe liquids. We were also comparing different containers of liquid to each other.

We are really lucky to have Mrs Duncan working with us, she has been teaching us how to speak French.

Lots more measure…

We are learning about living things and this week we were looking at plants and how they grow. We planted some cress seeds and we are keeping a diary to show how they grow. We are using our measuring skills to track their height.

Sam: We put the soil and the seeds into a pot with Mrs Given.

Millie E: In our cress diaries we wrote instructions.

Kyle: The instructions tell you how to plant the cress seeds.

Beni: We drew a picture of the plants.

In maths we are learning more about measure. Today we measured lots of things inside and outside the classroom. We have been practising using measure words including longer and shorter.

Here are some of our measurements:

Measuring is an important life skill and lots of jobs rely on accurately measuring things.

Ryan: My dad measures lots of things for his work, he is a joiner and a builder.

Sam: My Uncle is a builder and he makes roofs so he needs to measure.

Aaron: You might need to measure a wall to paint it.


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