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Health Week

Good morning everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

We are going to be having health week at home this year and as one of our focuses is on the Olympic games I am going to set you all some optional activities based on this!

Activity 1

Visit the Olympic Games comment board and post your answers to our questions about your favourite athletes and sports!

Activity 2 

Visit the Olympic Timeline and select one of the Olympic Games to research.

Show us what you have learned in any way you like. This could be in the form of a presentation, report, poster, picture, comment, video, photo or any other method you like.

Activity 3 

Visit the Nominating Olympic Committee Map and try to find all the answers to the two challenges I have set.

National Olympic Committees Challenge

All activities will be also posted on to your google classroom.

Miss Johnston 🙂



Hello  Everyone!

I have just put up a post in the SMT @Virtual Menstrie Class Page.  I would love it if you could read the post and comment.   Remember to write who it is from.

Missing you all!

Mrs Murray

PE Tasks

Hi Everyone,

I have started to post some material and assignments for all classes. There is absolutely no pressure to complete any of these PE tasks. The main goal is to continue being active every day whether it is through these tasks or by other means.

Before starting our home learning journey each class was working on the following:

  • P1 – Dance & Fitness
  • P1/2 – Dance & Fitness
  • P2 – Dance & Fitness
  • P3 – Dance & Fitness
  • P4 – Dance & Fitness
  • P5 – Gymnastics
  • P6 – Dance & Fitness
  • P7 – Orienteering & Fitness

This week would have been our last week focusing on these activities before Health Week which was due to start week beginning 30/03/2020. The tasks I put up on blogs or google classroom will try to tie in with what the pupils would have been doing in school.

I will put up any additional ideas for physical activity on this blog to help keep you active everyday so keep checking for updates!

Miss Johnston 🙂


How To Get Started

Good morning everyone,

Your goal for this week is to be physically active every day!

Physical Activity Guidelines (5-18)

A good place to start is P.E. with Joe every morning from 9:00am.

Or Cosmic Kids Yoga at a time that suits you – they have so many brilliant videos!

If you are trying to limit the amount of time you spend looking at a screen, use this Alphabet Workout to write down all the exercises that spell your name. You can use this as part of your daily exercise routine.



For variety you can use your middle name or use a different family members name each time you complete the workout!






If you are needing an extra challenge, try the extreme alphabet workout: 





Please keep checking the blog regularly for any updates and I will be adding tasks for individual classes onto their google classrooms or class blog in the coming days.

Miss Johnston 🙂