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Friday 27th March

Happy Friday P7C!

Wow, what a week we have had! You are doing so well online and you should be proud of yourself. Most of you have been handing your work in on Google Classroom or emailing me which is great. If you are struggling with handing work in, please let me know- I am here to help.

I have been providing feedback on some work handed in already. I will be spending time next week to make sure everyone does get feedback- so don’t worry about handing it in super early. Do the work at your own pace. Here is a summary of tasks posted this week…

Assigned Tasks (due next week at some point):

  • Comprehension (x2)
  • Writing
  • Bug Club (2 books)
  • Maths (x3)
  • Personal Project
  • SumDog
  • Miss Johnston’s Orienteering

 Daily Tasks:

  • Newsround Diary (please do not hand these in yet)
  • Joe Wicks PE Lesson

Optional Tasks:

  • Making bread dough
  • Nando’s Maths
  • Optical Illusions

Take time to relax this weekend. I am planning on going for a long walk each day, reading my book and having a move night tomorrow with some yummy (maybe slightly unhealthy!) snacks.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, have fun with your families and stay safe!

Miss C 🙂


Just remember…

Hello  Everyone!

I have just put up a post in the SMT @Virtual Menstrie Class Page.  I would love it if you could read the post and comment.   Remember to write who it is from.

Missing you all!

Mrs Murray

Thursday 26th March

Good Morning!

I cannot believe it is Friday tomorrow and we’ve nearly had a whole week of virtual learning. You are all doing a really good job. Please try to keep up to date with Google Classroom as much as you can.

Today- keep working through the work assigned to you on Google Classroom. If you run out things to do, let me know. Remember to have a look at optional tasks set on Google Classroom already.

I have already been for a walk this morning so going to spend the rest of my day keeping up to date with my work and I am going to spend time doing an online course to become an ‘Apple Teacher’ and be able to teach really cool stuff using Apple products. Awesome- I know!

When I am working at home, I like to play music in the background. What type of music do you listen to when you are working? I will be looking for responses on Google Classroom.

Remember to get some fresh air today.

Miss C 🙂


Fun French Games!

Bonjour!  Hello everyone!

Just to let you know there are some really fun lessons, games and activities on a range of topics in French on the following website:


Miss Bryden

Learning at Home

What work will the teacher set?
Our priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing. Your teacher will set tasks that learners can complete, please do not feel under any pressure to get them all completed at once. The work is set to use as your time allows. Teachers will provide generic feedback to pupils about their learning.
Teacher Availability
There may be some days when our teachers are quiet online, this could be for a variety of reasons such as being in one of the hubs, looking after elderly relatives or if they are unwell. The staff will continue to be your main point of contact for your child’s learning, however this way of learning is very new to us all so please be patient. If you have any queries outwith your child’s learning then please contact Mrs Murray or Mrs Campbell via the school e-mail address.

Wednesday 25th March

Happy Wednesday P7C!

Not your normal Wednesday because you still have me as your teacher, not Mrs Campbell! Of course, she is around if you need anything and can be contacted through our Google Classroom.

It looks like not everyone has logged into Google Classroom. Please contact your friends in the class today and check they have access. If not, ask them to send me an email.

There is a range of work assigned on Google Classroom: numeracy, comprehension, writing, personal project and newsround diary. I would advise you take a note of the due dates and plan the rest of your week so you are not doing too much work each day.

Remember to spend some time doing things you enjoy. I will be spending time colouring in and going for a walk today. I will upload the evidence later on!

Enjoy your day!

Miss C 🙂