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Hello  Everyone!

I have just put up a post in the SMT @Virtual Menstrie Class Page.  I would love it if you could read the post and comment.   Remember to write who it is from.

Missing you all!

Mrs Murray

Fun French Games!

Bonjour!  Hello everyone!

Just to let you know there are some really fun lessons, games and activities on a range of topics in French on the following website:


Miss Bryden

Learning at Home

What work will the teacher set?
Our priority is everyone’s health and wellbeing. Your teacher will set tasks that learners can complete, please do not feel under any pressure to get them all completed at once. The work is set to use as your time allows. Teachers will provide generic feedback to pupils about their learning.
Teacher Availability
There may be some days when our teachers are quiet online, this could be for a variety of reasons such as being in one of the hubs, looking after elderly relatives or if they are unwell. The staff will continue to be your main point of contact for your child’s learning, however this way of learning is very new to us all so please be patient. If you have any queries outwith your child’s learning then please contact Mrs Murray or Mrs Campbell via the school e-mail address.

Good Morning P6B!

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s been fantastic communicating with you all through Google Classroom and you’ve all been working hard on the allocated tasks.  I’ll keep adding 3 new tasks every day and remember to look back through previous posts for links to lots of fun websites.

One of the new tasks today is an exciting project involving Edinburgh Zoo Webcams – check it out!

Clackmannanshire Council has also got a link to exciting resources for P5 – P7 pupils:

Remember to keep fit and healthy by joining in with Joe Wicks for his daily P.E. sessions and the links to Yoga online too.  When it’s dry why not try out your Yoga etc in the garden so that you can get some fresh air too.

Keep in touch through Google Classroom, bye for now everyone!

Miss Bryden