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Online School Assembly 22/05/20

Online school assembly for Friday 22nd May 2020 and the special announcement of…

The Community Quiz Trail

Teachers have hidden quiz questions all over Menstrie. Look out for these posters while you are out on your walks around the community. There are 10 stations, each with three questions (one for P1-2s, P3-4’s, P5-7’s) as well as a code letter so you can decode the special word.

Remember social distancing of 2 metres and stay safe when crossing roads. A map will be published next week with the locations of the 10 stations to help you fill in any gaps.

You can write your answers down on scrap paper, on your phone or you can download and print the Quiz Trail Answer Sheet.

Good luck and enjoy.

This week is Mental Health Week.

This week is Mental Health Week. More then ever it is so important to be aware of our Mental Health and how we can try new things or make routines to help us stay mentally healthy. 


Here are some great tips for children and adults to try this week to be kind to ourselves and others to help us keep mental healthy. 


Why not give them a go as a family, or share some tips with those you are keeping in contact with over social media. Share with us or your class what you tried. Let us know what you do already and share how this could help others. 


To find out more about mental health week 2020 go to:

Have fun and stay safe, 

The Menstrie Team. 

Roll up it’s time for a Sumdog Competition

Hello everyone, it’s time to show off your skills and have some fun.

Starting  today you can log on to Sumdog and take part in the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Sumdog contest.
We can’t wait to see how our Menstrie team get on. Have fun and your teachers will be keeping an eye out to let you know how your class is doing.


Good luck and stay safe 


School Newsletter May 2020

Now available to download. Click here.

Copies of previous newsletters can be found in the Newsletters page under the Parent Zone section of this site.

Paddington Bear’s WW2 Suitcase Live Lesson

Today at 11am Poppy Scotland will be offering a special 10 minute live lesson on Facebook for 5-9 year olds featuring Paddington Bear. Children will learn about child evacuees from the Second World War and discovering what is inside Paddington’s suitcase! A perfect way to get in the mood for VE Day on Friday. All you need is some paper and a pencil/pen and go to Poppy Scotland’s Facebook page.

Don’t worry if you miss it – you can watch it any time afterwards.

Step back in time with the War Imperial Museum.

Weekly Videos on different times in history. Every Wednesday at 2pm. 

This week their video is on


 Videos to catch up on:

Learn how pilots earn their nicknames, an easy way you can make cakes from carrots and the secrets of the world’s best den.