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The Best Of Week

Hello Everyone,

This week for our final PE grid we have chosen to do a week full of the best PE grid activities as voted by you!

Here they are:

P1-2 Best Of Week.docx

P3-4 Best Of Week.docx

P5-7 Best Of Week.docx

Hope you enjoy, and remember to post a comment, photo or video on your google classroom to tell me how your getting on with your PE tasks!

Miss Johnston 🙂

Core Stability & Strength!

Good morning all,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed all of the sports day week activities last week!

This week we are going to be looking at physical fitness focusing on core stability and strength!


Here are this weeks PE grids:

P1-P2 Core Stability & Strength.docx

P3-P4 Core Stability & Strength.docx

P5-P7 Core Stability & Strength.docx

Let me know how you get on by leaving me a comment, photo or video on the assignment page in your google classroom! Remember to hand in the assignment once you are done.
Miss Johnston 🙂

Sports Day Week!

Good morning everyone,

Hope you have all been enjoying the lovely warm weather we are having and are staying safe! 🙂

Unfortunately due to recent events we have missed one of our favourite days of the year – sports day! I know many of our pupils and staff look forward to it every year, so instead we are going to have an entire sports week, and theme our PE grids around it!

The P1-2 grid is full of family fun sports day activities!

P1-P2 Sports Week.docx

Whereas the P3-4 and P5-7 grids have beat the teacher challenges with some familiar faces to compete against!

P3-P4 Sports Week.docx

P5-P7 Sports Week.docx

Hope you enjoy trying the different activities and challenges this week! Please share how you are getting on with them on your google classrooms or on our school twitter page.

@MenstriePrimary #SportsDayWeek

Miss Johnston 🙂


Good morning,

This week our PE grid will focus on physical fitness to develop our flexibility!

Having good flexibility means you are able to stretch your muscles, reach and move with ease.

Hope you enjoy trying some of these tasks :):

Flexibility P1-2 (MPS)

Flexibility P3-4 (MPS)

Flexibility P5-7 (MPS)

Remember if you do any of the PE tasks, please leave me a comment to let me know how you got on!

Miss Johnston 🙂


Hi Everyone,

This week our PE grid will focus on our physical fitness and look to develop stamina.

Stamina is being able to do something for a long period of time without getting tired or giving up!

Let me know how you get on with any of the tasks you choose to complete. Here are the PE grids for stamina:

P1-2 Stamina (MPS)

P3-4 Stamina (MPS)

P5-7 Stamina (MPS)

Hope you all have a great week!

Miss Johnston 🙂

Balance & Control

Hi everyone,

This weeks PE grid is focusing on developing our Balance & Control!

Balance is the ability of your muscles to maintain control of your whole body. Having good balance allows you to hold your position still, without wobbling, and to change direction quickly and safely.
Here are all of this weeks PE Grids:

Please leave comments, photos, videos etc. on your google classroom so I can hear and see what you have been up to!

Miss Johnston 🙂

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Hello everyone,

This week’s PE grids are full of tasks to help develop one of our physical competences: Gross & Fine Motor Skills!

Gross Motor Skills 

Gross motor skills are the big movements that
use the large muscles in the body. These
movements include rolling over, sitting, running,
sidesteps and jumping.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are small movements that use
the small muscles of the fingers, toes and
wrists. These small movements include picking up small
objects, tying shoe laces and holding a spoon.

Here are all of the PE grids for this week:

P1-2 Gross & Fine Motor Skills (MPS)

P3-4 Gross & Fine Motor Skills (MPS)

P5-7 Gross & Fine Motor Skills (MPS)

Please leave comments, photos, videos etc. on your google classroom so I can hear and see what you have been up to!

Miss Johnston 🙂

New PE Grids

Every Monday a new PE grid will be posted onto your google classrooms. There will be a grid for P1-2, P3-4 and P5-7. These grids have a number of tasks for you to try each week. However it is important to remember we do not expect you to complete all of the tasks but to at least try one or two, at a time that suits you throughout the week.

Each week the grids will focus on a different Significant Aspect of Learning (SAL). This week we will be focusing on one of the Physical Competences:

Coordination & Fluency.  

Miss Johnston 🙂

Welcome Back!





Hope you all had a lovely Easter break!


This term classes would be working on the following:


Block 6

  • P1-2: Basic Moves
  • P3-7: Athletics

Block 7

  • P1-2: Basic Moves
  • P3: Developing Striking & Fielding Games
  • P4: Tri-Golf and Developing Striking & Fielding Games
  • P5: Tri-Golf and Cricket
  • P6: Cricket
  • P7: Striking & Fielding Games

I will continue to try to base any PE tasks given around these activities. Please remember any tasks given are optional so don’t feel pressure to complete them all.

As always I love to see and hear about all the exercises and activities you have been getting up to so please do keep sending them in!

Miss Johnston 🙂