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Let’s get ready for the weekend!

Hi there

Just wanted to say have a good day today with your e learning and I hope everyone is making plans for the weekend. 2 days away from the google classroom and your virtual teachers and a chance to build some new routines and activities.

I’ve decided to socialise with friends using the Zoom app and to take part in an online quiz tonight. Usually the weekend is for going places so I’m going to spend some time reading my David Attenborough book about the ‘Blue Planet’, use an Arts and Culture app to visit a museum or two and I’m going to spend time ‘out’ in my garden.

Have a good weekend.



Bonjour la classe!

Jasmine has asked about French lessons. Good question, thanks for that – Super Bien! In all the classes I teach French we have covered all the Term 3 vocabulary and have even extended our learning by building our knowledge around French foods. Term 4 is supposed to be a revision and assessment block.

In this situation my outline plan is to use a languages topic across all the classes I teach plus any others who want to join in (I’ll need to have a virtual meeting with Miss Bryden our resident language expert over the next two weeks about this) . I’ve also brought home all the Spanish resource (exciting!) so we can start building some basic Spanish into our topic too.

For those of you keen on languages, feel free to continue to practice and extend your knowledge of French foods and drinks. I will be working hard to create the languages topic for after the Easter holidays.

Au Revoir


P7 message of farewell

I look at Primary 7 2019/2020 and, for so many of you, I can still remember your first days in Primary 1 like it was yesterday. I will miss you all while the school is closed and, should this be your last day at Menstrie Primary, I wish you all the very best for High School. I hope you’ll come and visit the school or say hi if I bump into you in the village. You really are a fab bunch. CW xxx