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Sumdog Competition – Running from the 19th – 25th of June

Hi everyone, Sumdog are hosting another fun competition for the schools in Clackmannanshire. Get involved by clicking on the link below. 

Click here to join the fun.


Let your class and Teacher know how you are doing on the Google Classroom stream.

As the score boards come in we will keep you up to date with your classes progress in the competition. 


Look after your wellbeing as you count down to the summer holidays.

‘Make it count’

Look after your wellbeing as you count down to the summer holidays.

Here are a selection of quick daily activities that can be done independently, with a sibling or with a parent/carer.

Follow a quick daily wellbeing calendar:

Calendar instructions:


Let us know how you get on by commenting and sharing photos on your class stream, to your class teacher or via email to 

This week is Mental Health Week.

This week is Mental Health Week. More then ever it is so important to be aware of our Mental Health and how we can try new things or make routines to help us stay mentally healthy. 


Here are some great tips for children and adults to try this week to be kind to ourselves and others to help us keep mental healthy. 


Why not give them a go as a family, or share some tips with those you are keeping in contact with over social media. Share with us or your class what you tried. Let us know what you do already and share how this could help others. 


To find out more about mental health week 2020 go to:

Have fun and stay safe, 

The Menstrie Team. 

Roll up it’s time for a Sumdog Competition

Hello everyone, it’s time to show off your skills and have some fun.

Starting  today you can log on to Sumdog and take part in the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Sumdog contest.
We can’t wait to see how our Menstrie team get on. Have fun and your teachers will be keeping an eye out to let you know how your class is doing.


Good luck and stay safe 


Step back in time with the War Imperial Museum.

Weekly Videos on different times in history. Every Wednesday at 2pm. 

This week their video is on


 Videos to catch up on:

Learn how pilots earn their nicknames, an easy way you can make cakes from carrots and the secrets of the world’s best den.

May the 4th be with you!

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a nice long weekend. Feel free to share in the stream or on our blog here what you got up to.

Did you know that this week is another short week for you? This Friday is VE Day, which stands for Victory in Europe Day. The day is celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces on 8 May 1945. This year is the 75th Annual Anniversary and the May Bank holiday which is usually a Monday to enable people to mark the day.

I thought this week I would try and link most of our learning around what VE Day means and links around the history of WW2.

Feel free to take on your own research and learning around the topic, some of you may have family stories or heirlooms of interest that you would like to share via powerpoint, video, photo, a report or so on.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget you can keep in touch with me on Google Classroom or via email at or on the class BLOG.

So head over to Google Classroom each day where you will find your assignment for the day.

Stay Safe and have fun,

Miss Evans

No Home School Today but take a little read anyway P4AE :D

Morning everyone 😀

Today is Friday and today you have a day off due to our school In Service. Whilst I am working with all the Teachers you are free to relax and enjoy your day.

Or maybe you are like road runner and need something to do…

If you are looking for things to do because your adults need to work or you aren’t sure what to do, then why not look through my comments on your assignments.

Look back over work that you have not done, could you catch up on something?

Go find the Easter Fun Activity Grid I made and try some of those things out.


Or Pick from the list:

Plan your own reading cafe
Make a drama to show everyone at home
Potter in the garden
Help tidy the house
Do art
Look after your pet
Sort out your room, could you tidy the books, under your bed, the toy box etc
Learn a song or dance routine
Learn to tie your laces
Call a friend
Write a letter to post to someone
Do Joe Wicks or your own work out
Do cosmic kids yoga
Bake with an adult
Watch a movie
Make a den or fort
Build an obstacle course
Look at P4AE Blog and make comments on the post
Write a story
Make a comic strip
Play dress up
Play with lego
Make a puzzle

There are so many things you can do to enjoy your FRIYAY!
Share here if you wish what you get up to with comments and photos.
Otherwise have a lovely weekend and I shall see you all back online on Monday 😀

Miss Evans

LingoBox Learning – Learning French


Bonjour à tous, j’espère que vous allez bien.
Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. 


I have found an exciting new language resource for you to try. Linked below is a YouTube channel called LingoBox Learning. 

You will find a 0 – 100 counting challenge. 

Starting with 0 – 10

Check it out on Youtube
(or adults if you wish you can like it on Facebook)

Also here is a link to some fun activities and games to help you practice saying, reading and writing your numbers. 

Number Challenge Sheet 

Have a go and send in examples of things you have tried using photos or videos to the blog, to your teacher or the school email

Au revoir

Walk to school fun at home!

In school each week we usually fill in the walk to school survey. The children also can receive badges for their active ways of getting to school. 

As we are not in school each day at the moment Living Streets have created free access to their website for the children. When you go on you will be able to see information and different activities which will go live each week for free.


This week it has started with a Scavenger Hunt for your daily exercise.

Also if you have time, send  pictures or completed surveys on the blog here or on your Google Classroom 😀 

Current Government rules allow us to leave the house once a day for exercise – this includes walking. If taking part in some of the activities outdoor, please make sure you follow the Government’s rule to only leave the house once, keep at least two metres away from others, and wash your hands when you get home.


Have fun everyone and stay safe. 

Week starting the 27th of April

Good morning everyone in P4AE. 

Just a quick post to start the week. I will not be posting on here each day as you all seem to be using Google Classroom.
If you are reading this and you do not have access to Google Classroom or you need to get in touch with me. Please comment on the blog post below or email the school and it will be passed on to me.

Have a lovely week at home, stay safe, have fun, look after each other and keep in touch 🙂 

Miss Evans